Monday, August 15, 2005

Broadway...the good and the bad.

I had my first experience with "summer stock" theater this past weekend. It was really amazing the level of talent you get in a small Vermont town in the middle of summer. Seriously, it's like the middle of nowhere and here are these great singers and dancers trouncing about for my pleasure! Unfortunately, it seemed as though the Broadway performers who get out of the city to partake in summer stock, also drag the more annoying element of the city with them.

The New Yorker Well-to Dos were everywhere. Talking about how so-and-so had invited them to the Hamptons, but "the country was just CALLING us, so here we are!"

Before the play started, one classy lady was screaming at her kid "Kevin, I swear to GaWD, if you don't sit fuckin' still, I'm gonna to smack you!" As she raised her hand to threaten her child, I was temporarlily blinded by the 450 carat diamond on her overly tanned and manicured finger. Geeez, she was SOOOO loud. As were about 10 other people who would normally be out of earshot. Ever hear of "inside voices?" We're not on the freakin' subway people. For Christ's sake, we're at "The Theater."

I'm sure there are very nice, polite, and non-earsplitting people who go to Vermont from New York to "get away", but unfortunately the not so pleasant element makes it hard to notice them.

I hear that people from other countries think Americans are loud. Maybe they just run into New Yorkers...they do get the best deals on international flights.

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