Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Orange isn't just for Prodestants anymore...

So, the electricians have arrived! They are whizzing through the wiring of our new bedroom/bathroom. I hesitate to call it a "Master Suite", as that sounds so fancy! Our house is so small that really it's just "bedspace with plumbing." A definite improvement, but the term "suite" is not appropriate. And "Master" just seems ridiculous. Not to mention, implying we are holding someone in some kind of servitude. Since J and I are the only people who dwell in our little kingdom; we are masters of no one...well perhaps the dog. Though I think that may be up for debate. After all, who scoops who's poop?

So now we are entering scarey territory...paint colors. J and I have drastically different tastes when it comes to such things. We get in the same argument everytime. The semantic manipulater and spin doctor that he is, J champions his wish for orange walls by calling them "rich" and "bold." Where as, I call them "ugly" and "are you fucking crazy?" J is a stubborn boy, from a family of stubborn boys, and once he feels the slighest dissent to an opinion he holds, no matter how strongly he actually feels about it, he holds onto that idea with a kung fu grip determined to WIN.

Another issue we struggle with is a residual "it's so ugly it's cool" mentalitly that served us so well in college. This is the design sensiblity that allowed the hula girl ashtray made out of bottle caps.

Combine these two factors and we arrive at orange walls. I have nothing against the color orange. I wouldn't mind a little orange in my life. But my bedroom walls? And really, the room is small...it will feel closterphobic. But J, once again, takes this negative and flips it around to make it positive and support his position. If he could only be this optimistic and "sunny side of life" when it comes to my parents.

Nacho: "Why don't we get some orange throw pillows?"

J: "But orange walls would be so COOL!"

Nacho: "But honey, the room is so small, such a dark color might make it seem smaller."

J: "Not dark, VIBRANT!"

Nacho: "Whatever you want to call it, Orange will reflect no light...I'll feel like I'm in a womb."

J: "Yeah, think of how comfortable that would be!"

I can't win. Hopefully, if I give in and agree, he can declare his victory and then actually be open to compromise. Sometimes I have to call his bluff for his true sentiments to surface. He doesn't really want orange walls. He just wants to prove he can convince me that I want orange walls. Once that has been accomplished, I'm sure we will settle on a nice shade of beige.

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