Friday, August 12, 2005

Vermont is for . . . meteor watching

I'm about to leave work, yippee!!

J and I are headed up to Vermont for the weekend. T gets to come too, lucky dog. I hear there is to be some meteors tonight. Hopefully the nasty humid haze will not obscure the view.

This is kinda a baby-making trip. Shhhhhhh. Don't tell my Mom. Oh Lord! PLEASE don't tell my Mom. Her Grandma aspirations peaked at an all time high last month and the mention of any impending pregnancy may cause her so on a spending spree of Baby Einstein videos and Wiggles. "I hear they are very popular," she said. WTF? Why would I care? Hey Mom, I'm not pregnant. Therefore, do I really give a shit what is considered entertaining to a 6 month old? It was actually a quite bizarre conversation.

Secretly, I filed her babble away for future use. Shhhhhh.

Wish us luck!


Cheese said...

Lots of luck!!!!!

Chiara said...

awww! How sweet! I hope all goes well! Best wishes to u two.

KL said...

Thanks guys! Just got back. Not as successful as I would have liked. well, not at all. I'll be doing a post later today to explain. ugh, Monday