Friday, October 14, 2005

Another side street on the inevitable road to TiVo

Apple's announcement that they would be making and announcement came out about a month ago, and we were expected to wait, with baited breath, to see what magnificent wonder Steve Jobs has been dreaming up. There were rumors and conjecture, mostly believing it to be a Video iPod. Well, as they announced on Wednesday, the rumors were true...the Video iPod has arrived.

J and I had some discussion earlier in the week on whether a video iPod would, in fact, be useful. Being that iPods are the sort of things you use when you're driving, or jogging, a video feature didn't seem practical. These are not exactly instances where you would find yourself wanting to watch the newest Black Eyed Peas video (by the way, have you seen this video? It is ridiculous, stupid, I can't even tell you! Humps? what?!) To J there was no question. The far away look gave into giddiness, and he has now brokered a deal that will have the thingamabob in his hands by Halloween...or sooner.

Though I had initial doubt regarding the necessity of this doohickey, I have been persuaded by some recent events:

Lost was on Wednesday night. J and I both enjoy us some Lost. We both, however, fell asleep. Normally, this would mean I would have to surf the Internet at work to get the synopsis. So I could see if Charlie - uh, I mean Jack - decides to let everyone else in on the secret spoils of the bunker, or what's up with that JLo chick that got dumped in the pit with Sawyer and the others, and what ever happened to the huge mutant polar bears. Anyway, Thursday J pulls up iTunes and there it is: Lost, 10/12/05 Episode. You can download it on guessed it, your Video iPod! Then you just plug it into your TV and voila! Lost!

So there you have it. It will be useful after all. And I want to say, even though I poke fun at J's excitement for all that is technologically new and shiny I must admit, I am glad he keeps up with the stuff, so I don't have to.

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