Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Numbers Schmumbers

What is up with the weather around here? It's 60 degrees outside!

Unfortunately it is not going to last. Apparently, the front will move through this afternoon and bring the cold blustery winter wind with it. Killington is set to open this weekend, and this warm spell must have them a little worried. On their website, they have their "base" listed as 0"...which seems like a problem.

The mountain we usually go to, Mount Snow, has tentatively set their open date for next Wednesday 11/23. I'm sure J hopes this will be the case. When we get back from Thanksgiving in Virginia, hopefully we can start our weekend trips up to Vermont...where the boys snowboard and the girls sit by the fire, drink wine and knit!

And in knitting news...
I have finished the back of my very first sweater! I will start the front panels tonight (it's a cardigan) at my knitting group. Not really a group, since there is only two of us. I'm a little worried because I didn’t use the right gauge yarn or the recommended needle size. I did a lot of figuring with a calculator to determine how to proceed. They should introduce this rogue knitting style to High School math classes. If needle 10 yeilds 4" after 28 rows, then needle 8 will yeild 4" after X number of rows. Combine with factor Y, the yarn gauge

Or you could just use a tape measure and knit until it gets a long as it's supposed to. And there is also the fail safe method of holding it up to your body. Which is what I did. Lets hope the arm holes line up.

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