Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Turkey Tale #2: Tennis Ball Brawl

T is a large dog. He is 90 pounds of big brown butt wiggling, tail wagging happiness. Sure, some may call him "spastic" or "hyper", but it’s all in a general mood of friendship and "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS YOU!WOOOHOOO!!!"

Now, D, my parents dog, though also extremely friendly and happy to see everyone, upon sight of the big brown dog, turns into a spitting, growling, "GET OUT OF HERE OR I WILL BITE YOUR FACE OFF!" little white fur ball. D weighs 8 pounds, tops.

They have interacted before, and T has gotten pretty good at ignoring D while she nips at his feet and lunges at his face. I am proud of T's tolerance to the furry little rat, since he is the one who could cause the damage if he really wanted to. One bite, and CRUNCH, D is dinner.

However, this trip the truce was broken. As to who's to blame and what passed between them, I can only guess. Let's just say there was a tennis ball involved. When J yanked T off of D I was sure there was going to be blood on her clean white fur, and gashes in her neck... but to my surprise (and relief) she was fine. T, however, was trailing blood on the floor. Upon closer inspection it looked as though D chomped down on his back foot, leaving a little puncture wound. Yes, the 8 pound dog kicked the 90 pound dogs ass.

Both dogs were promptly exiled to their perspective "Time Out" places. T slumped in his corner, licking his wound, but it wouldn't stop bleeding. It was really barely anything, but since it was a puncture wound, it was deep and not quick to clot. In order to protect my mother's carpet, we wrapped gauze followed by a sock and duct tape. He looked pretty silly...we can't all pull it off like Britney Spears.


That Girl said...

Those pictures are freakin hysterical!

Dan said...

It's always the little dogs that cause all the trouble! My little girl Hilda (90lb rottie) is the most loving dog I have ever met. But those little ankle biting pests that won't leave her alone can quickly get her all riled up. And, looking at the picture, we see proof that the little ones really are ankle biters. Poor fella.