Thursday, December 01, 2005

Turkey Tale #3: Off to stalk the Hokie Bird!

Ok, so this has nothing to do with has to do with the king of all Turkeys, and he ain't for eatin!

I leave early Saturday to go to Jacksonville and cheer on the Hokies to an ACC Championship! My sister is a Hokie in Seminole Country and works in Tallahassee with a bunch of Florida State Alumni. They have an extra ticket, so here I come! We’ll probably be sitting in the FSU section, but that's ok. Can't be as bad as the seats my Dad got for the VT/USC game at Fed Ex field last year. Since he is a USC alum, we sat in the Trojan section….RIGHT behind the band. I mean, DIRECTLY behind the band. USC's little march horn diddy is SOOOO annoying, and repetitive, and annoying. Buuuuuuuum, Bum Bum BaBuuuuuuum, Bum Bum BaBuuuuum. If I recall, FSU has a similar Indian War March kinda tune. Fantastic.

Florida State is up there with UVA and Maryland as a team I just don’t like. I actually dislike them more than UVA. UVA has that little brother sort of feel to me. Sure, let’s kick the shit out of them, but I don’t want everybody in the neighborhood taking shots and bloodying them all up. Unless it helps us of course. But, FSU? Swing away. The Sugar Bowl of '99 left a bad taste in my mouth. Weinke, you Wanker. I cringe when I have to root for them if, by chance, a Seminole victory improves Hokie standings.

This will be also be a perfect opportunity to accomplish one of my lifetime goals. Have my picture taken with The Hokie Bird. I know, not very impressive as far as life aspirations go. But a lot more difficult to achieve than one would think. Mostly due to the fact I am up here in New England, so he doesn't come around very often. Back when I lived in the 'burg, I took his proximity for granted and never pursued photo opportunities with much vigor. Now that I have left my beautiful Blue Ridge and sit here in the dark and cold, the Hokie Bird represents what I have left behind. Friends and mountains and rivers and bars and music and of course all my fellow Hokies.

And by the way, I will be in Florida for 26 whole hours. After all is said and done, I will probably spend more time in airports and planes than swamps or sunshine.


That Girl said...

Congrats! I can't believe you are going to the game! I'll look for you on TV while being domestic and wrapping presents and making and drinking eggnog. Mmmmmm cream, eggs, sugar and whiskey . . .

KL said...


wrapping presents!? You're psycho. You can't have your shopping done! You're stressing me out. Ok, everyone's getting hokie crap or a Flordia Tshirt...and they're going to like it.

amy. said...

Henry would LOVE a

"My Aunt Kiki went to Florida and all I got was this stupid t-shirt"


Enjoy your 26 hours of sunshine!

That Girl said...

Yeah, I am a lil B*tch - we are just about done. Started wrapping a couple weeks ago. A cocktail, pretty bows, wrapping paper and football - these are a few of my favorite things!