Friday, December 02, 2005

Who deserves my blog love?

I've done a little clean up on my Hokies Unite Roll. I created the list after a quick search for Hokies in the Blogosphere. However, many are not in to updating. I have also decided that I will only include those who actually write about the Hokies on occasion. Sorry Kevin Wells! You're out of here! And Southern Comfort, though I'm glad you had a good time with your Grandma, there is football to worry about. Brooklyn Hokie has been spared since his last post was about the Miami game. I can’t really blame him for being too depressed to write. This week is a good litmus - considering the upcoming ACC Championship. If you’re a Hokie blogger, and you don’t say something about this game, then you don’t belong on my blog roll.

I am having some debate about a few other Hokie bloggers I have found. Some of them rub my political sensibilities the wrong way. Though their Hokie pride is intact, their ideas about social/political issues, or manner in which they express themselves, causes me to cringe.

Should the Hokies United be censored? Am I stifling the free exchange of ideas simply because I don’t agree with all those ideas? I guess I’m just afraid that my readers will think I endorse or support the ideas of the people I choose to link to. I suppose I could put little disclaimers after their link that would be sure to let my opionions, of their opinions, be known.

For Instance, New Dominion over there:

New Dominion - Virginia Republican of the Hokie persuasion. At least I like one of his teams.

It's not mean, but lets it be known that although I acknowledge his republicanism, it is not the reason I link to him.

Then there's Grab Tha Junx. I haven't put this guy on yet because he can be pretty offensive. But as it happens, offensive can sometimes be funny...and I've thought of putting him on.

Grab Tha Junx - Hokie whose best idea of an insult is calling someone a Homo. Enjoys questioning the sexuality of any and all Virginia Tech rivals. I do not endorse this method of trash talking. Get this man some sensitivity training.

That is a little more explicit as to "hey, I don't agree with the way this guy decides to express himself"...yeah? I don't know. Maybe I'll put him and take him off if I get complaints. Fuck it, I read his blog. Sometimes it's really funny...though most of the time I roll my eyes. Representing the Hokie Homophobic contingent...every team's got'em I suppose. Obnoxious.

That said, I stand behind my "People I Visit" blogroll 100%! Not to jinx it. Just watch, Sambot will start supporting the practice of forcing cute Robots into death battles and Cattiva will condemn homemade Christmas cards as vailed attempts to cause ridicule and shame.

oh, too late.

PS - Also I declare that Knit Geek needs to post some more pictures of that little cutie and entertain me with stories of silly boys and carpal tunnel.


Hokie Explorer said...

Awww man you didn't write about me! Haha. Its ok though. It is your blog, you are more than welcome to stifle and censor all the ideas and creativity that you want :-)

KL said...

Hey! I see you are going to the show too! Maybe I'll see you at the game, but of course you won't know it's me, and I won't know it's you..

You're over there on my roll to stay, Hokie.

Hokie Explorer said...

Oh of course I'll be down there. Unlike those other psuedo Hokie fans that aren't going (alot of students). And if we win I might make an appearance at the Orange Bowl too - keeping a low profile of course so university officials don't knab me :-p

KL said...

Oh, will you be "exploring"?!

Perhaps it was you at the UVA game and the spray paint?...I won't tell ;-)

amy. said...

Your wish is my command...