Thursday, December 22, 2005

2nd Stage of Grief: ANGER

Not to beat a dead horse, but this Johnny Damon thing is upsetting. The more I read out there in the blogosphere, the more pissed I get. Here are a few pearls from the sox fans out there:

Johnny Damon could have remained a Red Sox for life, played two years longer than he should have, and never bought a meal in New England again. Instead, he’s a Yankee. I'll be back in a while; I need to find some flame accelerator.

See you in the Bronx, Mr. Damon. I hope you enjoyed your last standing ovation at Fenway Park, as you will never hear the Boston Crowd cheer your name again.

Not much of me even cared to think about the business point of view. All I was thinking was that Johnny Damon had a choice to sign with any team, and he chose the one that I hate more than almost anything in the world. One that won't allow him to do what he wants (hair/beard-wise). One that he knows is hated by the people who really, really loved him as a player and as a person.

Johnny Damon will never be the marketing chip in New York he had been in Boston--precious few Yankees fans will be running around sporting pink #18 tees anytime soon. As such, Johnny Damon probably just cost himself $3 million in marketing royalties just by being a shallow, materialistic dickhead.

And from the best source I know...My Darling Husband.

FUCK...I hate having to hope Johnny Fucking Damon tears his ACL slipping on some ice after martinis at Nobu with A-Rod

2 scenarios are acceptable if there is in fact a baseball god. I mentioned the first in the headline of the post. Like I said I hate having to hope for this but i have to be honest and say that I would be a happy boy if it were to play out like that. Sorry K, I know you hate this mentality but it's how I'm wired. Can't be helped. Even if he can't play baseball anymore he can still do starbucks commercials (not too many dunkin donuts in the city). He could *chuckle* become a sportscaster. Right. We all know talking has never been JD's strength. This leads me to the second acceptable scenario. It's simple. It would basically just call for him to suck ass and bat like .145, get hooked on crystal meth and get thrown in Rikers for blowing businessmen for crack money once the starbucks money runs out. I fear however that we will be subjected to a much more torturous future. he will continue to be the nastiest lead off hitter in baseball causing me to utter the words "johnny fucking damon" countless times in 06. Even though I hate him today he was fun to have on the sox the past few years. Part of me doesn't really blame him 100% (only 99). Can't help but wonder if this would have happened with theo at the helm. It broke down to freakin $3m a year. They could have afforded him without blinking an eye. They just blew it. Jed and Chet or whatever the fuck their names are have gotten off to a bad start. A BIG hit in the PR dept. Maybe they can land OCab @ short and get a little personality back in the dugout. Here's to hoping.

There is so much great writing out there, I can't share it all. Sorry I didn't link, but my html tolerance is not up to par today, so just copy and paste to check out the full posts. Most of these people also have sox blog rolls, so if you are looking to get fired, you can spend your entire work day reading the reactions to this betrayal.

I honestly think, and hope, he will regret this move.

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