Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm such an Oprah cliche'...where's my makeover!

It’s Sunday afternoon, J is at band practice and the dog is rumbling away upstairs, enjoying the traction the new carpet affords. As a result of his indulgence, some of the little berber loops have become pulled and yanked, leaving little threads sticking up like worms after a rain. I should stop him, but he’s having way too much fun.

I am still in my pajamas. Yes, it’s 3:30. It is unusually dark outside, even for wintertime. I should have tried to venture out while the sun was shining, but unfortunately looks like I missed my chance.

At the risk of scaring off some of my new found readers, here’s a little self importance and self obsessing I need to get off my chest:

Do you ever see a picture of yourself, and think, Oh my god, do I really look like that? Of course you do, I’m sure everyone has. Well, today, a friend posted a funny doctored picture of me (doctored in that it looks like I’m trying to steal Donald Trump’s wallet! ha! it is funny) on our “friend” blog, and I look HUGE, fat with horrible posture and double chins…and it has me in a funk. I am thinking of doing 20 posts just so that picture will scroll off the page and I won’t have to look at it. I am vain, and notoriously unphotogenic. Or perhaps I really look like that, and I’m just in denial. I hate that I can’t enjoy the funny, simply because I look like shit.

Ok, enough of my therapy for today. Don’t want to be a downer. This week will bring uplifting and interesting communication from Nacho! God, I hope I get my happy lamp for Christmas. The full spectrum goodness will surely do wonders for my self image and I’ve even read it can curb your appetite! Wouldn’t that be a bonus.


Dan said...

Do I ever see that picture of myself? Yeah. About 12 months after a particular picture was taken, I actually saw it. I couldn't believe that I had gotten that big (320lbs in the photo)! I had dieted off and on over that past year and had dropped down to 300lbs. Well, when I saw that photo, it snapped that last bit of apathy that was preventing me from changing my diet and life in earnest.

Here I am now 6 months later and 80 ponds lighter. I think this summer will be the first in many years that I actually *want* to go to the beach and get outdoors more.

Dan said...

"80 ponds"? Oy, I think my U key got stuck!

nacho said...

wow! congrats! Yes, the upshot of hating a picture of yourself is some added motivation to actually stick to that diet and/or exercise routine you promised yourself...we'll see if that works for me.

difficult this time of year though. Cookies and eggnog are not my friends.

amy. said...

Ugh, wait until you have a kid, lol. We have approcimately 700,000 pictures of Henry and I think I'm in 12 of them. I think I look good in 2 of them. Don't get me started about going SWIMMING with him and having THAT documented for posterity...

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Please note my additional chins on same said site. I almost puked.