Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's gonna get wacky out west

I am so excited about New Years Eve, I can barely stand it! J and I are heading out West to Portland, OR. The Lennon to J’s McCartney lives there and they have scheduled a fun event for us to partake in. It sounds like a total blast. Though the "team uniform" aspect has me a little worried. Our host is one of those guys that gets dressed up in polyester three piece suits and afro wigs to go to a bar...just because. This is sure to go down in the record books. I hate to say it, but part of me is happy I haven’t gotten pregnant yet. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures! Weeeeeeeee...fun!

Ladies and Gents....Portland Madness. The alternative to the typical New Years Eve party. Are you in?

The deal: The contest is a scavenger hunt. Teams will score points by completing challenges and tasks throughout the Portland Metro Area. Contest begins with drinks at 6pm, December 31st, at Zaytoon's bar on Alberta Street. There will be team registration, and at 6:30 each team will receive the maps and challenges that make up the Madness. Teams will strategize until 7:30, at which point....
the game begins.

Completion of tasks will be documented by digital camera. The contest ends at 11:00 at the doorway of Jesse and Jennifer's apartment. Photos will be uploaded to a central PC, points will be tabulated, drinks will be served, and after Midnight, the winners will be announced. Cash and other prizes awarded for teams that stand out.
The party ensues with music and dancing, including a slide show of Madness challenge photos.

Sounds like fun? Sure it does - you've never done this before, and what else do you have planned?

SO - To register your team, you need:

1) team uniform and mascot - whatever your mascot, it's got to be in the photos. Something stuffed will work nicely.
2) $20 per head (covers entry fee and drinks at the after-party) will be due at registration. Less is OK if you're not drinking.
3) One digital camera per team

Those without a team, or teams needing members, can register and be matched up with others at registration.

Important ground rules!
1) 3-4 people on a team
2) No driving - all other means of transport permitted
3) Deadline to return is 11:00 PM.
4) Creative suggestions welcome.

More details to follow. The more players the better. We'll cap the game at 40 players, so RSVP soon

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