Monday, December 19, 2005

If only I could get her a sense of humor for Christmas

Mom: I can’t believe you’ve never seen It’s a Wonderful Life.

Nacho: Just not all the way through. I guess I’m more of a Scrooged or A Christmas Story kinda person.

Mom: A Christmas Story? Do you mean A Christmas Carol?

Nacho: No, A Christmas Story, with Messy Marvin? Don’t tell me you’ve never seen A Christmas Story?

Mom: Oh, that BB gun movie. No, I’ve never seen it.

Nacho: Wow. I think they have a 24 hour marathon of it every year. I can’t believe you’ve never gotten sucked into it at least once.

Mom: I change the channel.

Nacho: Mom, you really ought to give a shot. It’s only the funniest Christmas movie ever made.

Mom: I don’t think guns are funny. Even BB guns. They’re dangerous.

Nacho: Because you could shoot your eye out?

Mom: Exactly.


Hokie Explorer said...

Isn't a Wonderful Life the Jack Nicholas movie?

KL said...

the golfer?

Are you making a joke...if so, wooooosh - over my head :-)

amy. said...

Hee. I think this may be the first year we haven't seen A Christmas Story. I am waiting for all of the claymation shows to come on so I can force Henry to watch them with me.

Hokie Explorer said...

Forcing people isn't nice. No, I wasn't making a joke, I just think I'm confused. Ignore what I say please.