Friday, December 16, 2005

She's Mighty Fine

It’s a crispy crunchy Friday here in Western Massachusetts, as the couple inches of snow from last night is glazed by freezing rain. Took about 20 minutes for my car to warm up to the point that the encasement of ice could be penetrated by a scraper. What a mess.

I would like to thank all the people who offered suggestions for my Christmas quandary. I’m pretty sure it will be a book, and if he’s lucky (and I’m not too slow of a knitter), a hat.

With all this talk about presents, and shopping, and snow, I wanted to share with you all a magnificent resource. First, read how funny she is! Though I do not share her disdain for snow, I do share her affinity for yummy tropical drinks. Then you must check out her wonderful pages of stuff you never knew you needed, but now must have. So GREAT for gifts! Whether it be a wedding or house warming, Maggie truly has a flair for wading through all the crap and finding nice little nuggets of hip and cute. Since my Dad is neither hip, nor cute, her expertise could not help me with the challenge that is my father.

Enjoy your journey into Poor-er-ness!


P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Thanks to you, I have successfully NOT DONE ANY WORK and have spent over an hour on the site. I love you, Nacho.

nacho said...

i KNOW, isn't it awesome. Glad I can help you earn your keep. Don't let Payless narc on you.

I love you too, p-diddy.

Hokie Explorer said...

Heh, there is some interesting stuff over at that website.

nacho said...

I like it too...glad you like it.

Cattiva said...

A shopping blog - yet another addiction.

Hope you are all warm and snuggly! I have lots of family up your way and it sounds frigid - at least to my southern sensibilities.

nacho said...

Hi Cattiva! Yes, very cold up in these parts. We are planning to venture to the mall (yikes, weekend before xmas, are we insane?!) I will take me a half hour just to armor myself sufficiently against the freezing temperatures....brrrrrrr.