Thursday, December 15, 2005

Please tell me, what are you getting your Dad? (Seriously– help!)

I’m at a complete loss. I've searched the Internet far and wide, and I have yet to find anything that my Dad would even remotely like. If you go by retailer suggestions, all Dads are boozers who play golf, smoke cigars and prefer that all their possessions are protected by individually hand-sewn leather totes. Besides the wallets and countless laptop bags there are leather ipod covers, leather flask holders, leather keychains, leather tie cases, leather cufflink holders, leather sunglass protectors, leather shaving kits…is there some sort of man=leather fetish rule I am unaware of? All I need to do is come up with a leather all in one flask/golfbag/humidor and I'll be rich…oh,too late. Not exactly a humidor, but you could stash one of these in the cell phone compartment

And who in the world needs all the tie accessories out there? Hangers, holders, organizers, travel cases? First of all, if I was a dude, I would be pissed that I had to wear a tie to begin with. I wouldn’t need the fact that I am forced to conform to an uncomfortable social practice reinforced by the many accoutrements aiming to maximize my tie wearing efficiency. Seriously, who needs one of these (and of course, it’s made of leather). We don’t have panty hose organizers do we? No. Well, at least I don’t think so. Perhaps I am unawares? (Oh, dibs! perhaps I have fallen on my ever elusive million dollar idea. I must call my patent lawyer immediately.)

Please help me. Nacho’s Dad deserves something nice.


P-Diddy in Sin City said...

If your dad likes books, I went to Borders the other day and checked out their "bargain" racks, and they had total Dad-esque books (nice, bigguns) for like, $10 that look way nicer than you would expect a ten buck book to look.

nacho said...

Thanks diddy! I get him a book every year...that's what he'll end up with if I can't find anything else. I was hoping to branch out a little, but it isn't working out too well.

ho hum.

amy. said...

I got my dad a subscription to Consumer Reports. It might well possibly be the most boring gift of all time, but I know he'll like it. I went to Ophoto and made Kyle's dad a 12 Months of Henry calendar. Maybe NachoPapa would enjoy 12 Months of T? Don't you miss the days when an ornament made out of a paper plate and raw pasta got ooohs and aaaahs?

Bret said...

I'm also going with the book deal, though I'm tying it into his knife-collecting hobby. And then, I'll probably throw a baseball hat from my new area into the picture, because he also collects hats.

Sam said...

I'm building my pop a cigar box guitar! My dad is the kind of guy that buys himself whatever he wants... so there's nothing left to get him, because he already has everything! But, he is a sucker for cool and unique stuff, especially of the hand built variety. If I can pull it off, he'll love this!

Hokie Explorer said...

something from the VT bookstore.

nacho said...

Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

Amy – well, my dad has a zillion mag subscriptions. My folk’s family room looks like the periodical section of the library. I don’t think my mom would appreciate me adding to the clutter. J and I are taking a family portrait for my mom this weekend…that’s a good idea with T though. Perhaps his bday (january). Right now, I don’t have enough pics. Our child is sadly underphotographed.

Bret – My father has one hobby…work. Though I have tried to convince him to get some, he is not a man of leisure…thus, presents have always been difficult. Last night I started knitting a hat for him, hoping he will appreciate the hand made aspect, but he is very particular about clothing. Hopefully I can finish it in time to ship it!

Sam – Wow, how very industrious of you! It’s a little late to partake in any woodworking or carpentry, not that I could do that anyway. My dad (and also my husband) are of the school, “I want it, so I buy it!” always leaving the present buyers at a loss. Annoying to say the least.

Hi hokie – He is a Trojan. Though he does have an affection for VT (since both his daughters went there – and a lot of his money). I searched for a good USC sweatshirt, but came up empty. He doesn’t like hoodies, and for some reason they are in vogue and just about all there is. Also, like I said, he is VERY particular about clothing. I gave up on apparel after realizing he has never worn anything I’ve given him.

Thanks again guys! So it looks like a knitted hat and a book! Isn’t he a lucky duck?! The hat will probably become my sisters after he tries it on and decides it’s itchy.