Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Nacho is out of the Bag

My cover is blown. It is not a result of the picture I posted, as I had feared might happen, but due to a little feature that has foiled many a covert porn connoisseur and in-office job seeker…the dreaded AutoFill. I had told my husband that I had started a blog, but wanted to keep it a private outlet for thoughts and ramblings. He was cool with that and encouraged me to blog away. But since so many witty and funny people visit me, I couldn't NOT share some of the more amusing happenings at Nacho Intolerant. I told him I had put a Hokie blog roll and relayed some of the interesting people and anecdotes to be found in the Hokie Blogosphere. Realizing that I had been running around, trying to find everyone's take on the happenings of last weekend, and not to mention commenting like crazy, I figured he may have found me. He is, after all, a proud Hokie himself and more than familiar with Blogger and Google and is a smarty pants.

I’ve been trying to fix the look of this site for a while. I am not good at HTML or CSS, but after work I went home and tried to fix a few of the quirks I have going on here. I was fiddling away with smoke wafting out my ears when he came home. Instinctually, I went to quickly minimize Safari, so he couldn’t see the Nacho site, but instead I decided to ask.

Nacho: You haven’t discovered my blog, have you?
J: Smirk/Smile
Nacho: When did you find it!
J: About a month ago

Yikes! I quickly run through all the posts in my head, trying to think if I said anything that would cause him to either A: Run screaming to the nearest lawyers office, or B: Recoil in anger regarding all the name calling and husband bashing. But, with my husband being such a wonderful person, I realized that nothing like that could have possibly occurred. He is such a caring and sensitive individual, he gave me no fodder to attack is lovely, sexy and all round amazing person (Hi Honey!). To talk ill of him would be impossible.

I thought he had discovered me as perhaps a commenter on a site I had mentioned that I visit, such as Miles from Fenway (he is a sox fan) or Opinionista (though I doubt he could figure me out since she gets like a million comments a day). But no. He said he even tried to Google me based on what he thought I might be blogging about. Some of his searches were "big brown dog" and "big brown monster" because there are endless things to be said about the dog. But that didn’t work.

Then one day, he went to the computer and starting typing in the address bar. Not sure what he was looking for, but the www.n led right into . And J, knowing my aversion to corn was able to do the math. And there you have it! I am outed. I will try to not let it effect the self indulgent writings you find here.


dimlightslittlecity said...

Busted! :)

Hope all is well with you.

FINY said...

*Finy waves at nacho's husband* Hi!

It was bound to happen sometime. I love that he had known for so long and still didn't say anything.

KL said...

dimlights - hey there girlie. Hope you are doing great too.

FINY- HI! I've been a lurker on your site for so long...I can't believe your here! Yay!

iamtoolazythismorning said...

Haha, thats great! Autocomplete is a wonderful feature though; I don't think you should dread it too much. It has saved me many an hour of typing in web addresses over and over.

amy. said...

Ahhhh, the autofill...

Having lived with him for 16 years, I can say that you have been kind in your writings, lol. Hi J! I ahve not read one thing I would consider "husband bashing", even when you're bitching, you're being pretty nice about it!

KL said...

Has anyone else experienced the comments loading super slow on this site? ugh.

Hi too lazy - You are being sneaky today...perhaps you are concerned about being outed as well!?

Amy - Lol. Oh no, now he will pour over all my previous posts to see when I was being "pretty nice about it" See you in a couple weeks mama!

FINY said...

Well I hadn't experienced the comment slowness until you said something. Then just now I got an error message when I tried to say:

"Thanks for reading! I love your site, you're officially linked to mine now, hope that's ok.

And while Autofill has saved me a TON of time in a lot of ways, The Twin doesn't know about my blog so every time he's over and goes to check his email or just surf the web I have a thousand tiny heart attacks. Someday I'll tell him Miles From Fenway is there ... just not yet! ;) "

FINY said...

Thanks for reading, I love your site! And while autofill saves me a TON of time, since the Twin doesn't know about the blog, every time he's over at my place and goes to check his email or soemthing, I have about a thousand heart attacks fearing somehow the address will pop up. Someday he'll have to find out ... just not yet ;)

That Girl said...

Wow, first the mullet, then the Hokies lose, and now this? What a week! Hi J!

nacho said...

FINY - I am honored to be linked on your site, thank you. I look forward to spring training so you can tell me what to think and I can sound smart!

Mrs. T - No joke. What's next, wine intolerance?! What a sad day that would be

gobblegobble said...

A little bit concerned - but not too much. People on the internet knowing who I am isn't necessarily bad. It is only a problem if Virginia Tech decides to go after me which mainly hinges on two things: do they care enough? what would they go after me for?

Trespassing seems to be one of those crimes where they'd have to actually catch you in the act. It might be difficult to prove that I was down there a year ago. If my reading serves me correctly the statute of limitations on that is a similar timeframe. However, the university could simply bully me under the table which is reason enough for me to try and remain semi-anonymous as long as I am a student here.

nacho said...

GobbleGobble -

Explore on dude! And though I cannot condone breaking the law (if it is, in fact, breaking the's seems more like a "hey, we'd rather you not do that" kinda thing) you seem to do it with a sense of respect and curiosity...not vandalism or mischief. And I love the pictures.