Friday, January 20, 2006

I’m complaining. . .but I’m not

I have not checked, but I’m sure the greater portion of New England bloggers are writing about the weather. It is crazy. I just took a walk at lunch, and according to my biological winter sensibilities, it must be 75 degrees outside. Ok, I just check the weather channel, it’s actually 54 . But considering it should be 12, it seems rather tropical.

I think the trees are confused. Not to mention all the bulbs, used to hunkering down in frozen earth for a 4 month stretch. They must think it’s April with all the warm mushiness and sunshine. I even saw a caterpillar inching across the sidewalk. Poor guy. Mondays low is going to be 24. That little guy will be frozen solid before he ever gets to the metamorphosis stage of his life, surely the only upside of being a caterpillar.

J is a little bummed, since his season pass to Mount Snow is hardly getting any action. I’m almost afraid to enjoy the nice weather, since I am certain Mother Nature will find a way to balance this all out. Probably in April. I can see it now, Spring Blizzard Cripples Northeast. And it will kill all my newly planted flowers, which I always plant too early, with misguided enthusiasm for the return of sunlight.

Though I am bitching a lot, I really love it. Right now, at this moment I love it. But when we plummet back into darkness, and wind that freezes the snot to your nostril returns, the juxtaposition will shock me back into my depressed quilted cave on the couch.

I am usually not this pessimistic. But the reality of New England winter mandates I not count on this lasting very long. It’s like lying on a deserted beach on the last day of your vacation. You mourn the loss of the sun and sand, though you're there, sitting in it.


amy. said...

Yeah, we have tulips coming up and the trees are starting to bud here. We are due for at least one more cold snap, so I'm hoping they don't all die off. Buds make me so optimistic.

If the predict a blizzard in April, you can always come on down here for a week or so...

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Average temperature of Las Vegas in April? 78. See you then.

Hokie Explorer said...

its global warming

nacho said...

Hmmm. Vegas or Asheville?

Hokie - I like it now, in winter. Come summer, when it's 109, it won't be good.

amy. said...

Don't make me bribe you with pictures of the bean. I'll do it. I'll bring him to the pound and pose him with a whole gaggle of puppies and kittens. I am not above pimping out my kid to guilt you into choosing Asheville. ;)

nacho said...

Oh, The Bean, kittens and puppies...I may overdose on the cuteness.

go ahead, I dare you. :-)

If you are willing risk the inevitable melt down as you try and drag him away from the licks and wags, without a new member of the family. Not to mention exposing him to the fact that such a place exists, with the puppies and kittens, and having him ask repeatedly to go back....well, it's the least I can do.