Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Small World

When we first moved here, I had a little trouble meeting people. J, being a musician (and all around great guy) did not have much of a problem. He answered a bulletin board add for a drummer, and a new circle of friends was created. These guys would become Js new band. Though they are no longer a band, they still play music and get together now and then. One of them, I will call him TV-Boy, is quite successful in his career, and is the boss man of an organization here in town. He is the only person I know who makes a good wage while actually working in the city limits. I, for instance, do not make much money. J commutes 40 minutes so he can earn the bread we sorely need to keep us in Lean Pockets and Guinness.

Considering the earning potential here is pretty dismal, imagine my surprise to hear that WebGuy was going to be leaving his lucrative (from what I hear) job out West, to move to our very town. Not only am I excited that someone we know, and like (and perhaps has a cool wife!?), will be moving here, I am also happy to hear there are places willing to pay enough to seduce WebGuy. I must know where he is working. Maybe they will hire me too!

I imagined some of the small local web consulting agencies or even perhaps the college had hired him. J was on the case and today he called me to tell me the news. WebGuy was hired by TV-Boy.

We are not yet sure how this colliding of worlds will work. TV-Boy has been informed, and is a little concerned what may become of his "I don’t socialize with employees" rule, as we are sure to welcome WebGuy into our circle with open arms. If TV-Boy still wants to be on our dance card, he'll learn to deal with it. I'm sure any worry will melt away, once WebGuy gets here and TV-Boy and he figure our their dynamic. And it's not like TV-Boys idea of socializing is getting rip-roaring drunk and hitting the titty bars. Though I’m sure he has his 'boss man' persona, it can't be that much dialed back from his normal one. Both guys are cool dudes who, chances are, will hit it off. If not, all the better, because I enjoy me some TV-Boy smack talking. I really like the guy, but now and then he is prone to a little self-righteous finger wagging...

I will stop talking now. Is there a term for this blog fear?* Fear that someone you say something about will read it. I don't want anyone to hate me, because I am like that. Everyone must like me. It’s a problem.

*If a term exists for this, please let me know. If you don't know, I think we should come up with one. How about "blog-fright"? oh that sucks. Or 'afraid of putting your blog in your mouth' not too good either.


Matt said...

Ah, now I truly have experienced joy looking through this window.

nacho said...

You were the one I was worried about kiddo.

This probably goes without saying, but please do not divulge my ramblings to WebGuy. I can just see it when he starts working.

"oh, nacho said you were a self righteous finger wagger, but yo're so cool. I don't know what she was talking about. You should read her blog!"

I worry, therefore I am.

amy. said...

Wait, is this the Matt that I know?

KL said...

Yep...he's been stalking me ever since I sent the link to the Portland Madness photos.

just kidding of course. It's not me he's after, it's my husband.

Hokie Hänni said...

I get this "blog fright" about once a week. I'm a snark queen - i find it difficult to keep my pie hole shut about those things which should probably not be spoken aloud.

That being said, I think we *absolutely* need a term for this occurence. I will marinate on this...

KL said...

Hey there Hanni -

Yes, please. I am eagerly awaiting your thoughts. I have nothing.

amy. said...

I get blog firght, too. I started studying for the GRE yesterday, so my brain is so full of useless words that I'll never use that I don't have anything left for a new, fun word that I will use every day.

Pull out the brainpower that coined "Keep it in park" and think of something good!

Wait. Matt is moving to your town? Is J peeing his pants?

Hi Matt! Congratulations!

KL said...

Oh, I forgot about "keep it in park" ha!

For those of you not hip to this new phrase, it's a much needed modern version of "hold your horses." Who's got horses to hold. really.

No, it's not Matt, but someone matt knows, which we hope may help pave the way for matt to follow!

Matt said...

Ahem. I am not stalking. And I'm not after your husband. I happen to have a blog of my own, thank you very much, and I'm waiting for the right time to share.

Neal you don't have to worry about. If I move there, that's another story.

KL said...

blog tease.

give it up.

Hey! no proper names to protect the innocent! (namely me) MATT B... oh, I can't.

Matt said...

Ohhh! Too late. I've already done full character sketches of all my friends. Pictures, bios, favorite things (thanks to your meME post), embarassing photos. It's coming together well. By the way, what IS your address?