Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Latest excuse not to work out

I need to vent a little. They say you should never blog about work, but it's better than holding it in until I freak out and stab someone in the neck with my scissors.

One of the girls I work with just joined the same gym I belong to. (The one I belong to, but don't go to). She goes every day on her lunch break to work out. I am hesitant to work out at lunch because I sweat, and when I start sweating, it's hard for me to stop. I ask her what her routine is, and she alternates between cardio and strength training every other day. Hmmm, I thought, strength training wouldn't make me sweat so much. And having a work out buddy would make me get off my ass because I care more about commitments I make with other people, than the ones I make to myself! (Hey, make your neurosis work for you, not against you). So, I propose that on Tuesdays and Thursdays we go together and work out. Then, on M, W, F, I would go after work to hit the bike for cardio. Sounds perfect, no?!

Problem. I take lunch 12-1, while she takes lunch 1-2. We have a receptionist, but my potential workout buddy is responsible for ‘back-up’ phone coverage all day. When she is at lunch from 1-2, I do it. So us leaving for lunch at the same time creates some phone coverage vortex that could result in someone other than a pee-on (that’s me!)to have to pick up the phone.

Now, 'back-up' coverage just means that if the phones start going crazy, and the receptionist is busy taking other calls, you have to answer the phone. It's not hard, it's not time consuming, it's not stressful. You just have to put your phone ears on so you hear it ring and look to see if receptionist is on the phone...which is indicated by a light, at your desk, in front of you.

Well, we propose to the 'Powers That Be', that perhaps someone else can cover 'back-up' for an hour. I don't care which hour, I will move my lunch to 1-2 or 12:30-1:30...whatever works. This plan was proposed last week. They are still discussing it. It became such a burden that we changed our proposal to just once a week. That's one day. Or to be more accurate, ONE HOUR. You can't tell me someone can't 'back up' the receptionist for ONE HOUR, once a week. Hey, even split it between two people, so it's a HALF HOUR.I doubt you would even have to answer the phone...ever!

Needless to say I am irritated. Another result of them taking so long to decide whether the company will fall to pieces if someone else almost has to answer the phone, is that they make it feel like they are doing us some huge favor. "Oh, we are willing to have meetings and discussions and make flow charts, just so you two can have your precious exercise..you selfish, superficial little bitches." Ok, so they don’t say it like that, but that’s how it feels.

Ok, I feel better now. I'll let you know what becomes of this conspiracy to keep my butt fat.


amy. said...

Maybe, in addition to the flow charts and pie charts and such, you guys could suggest that you have a 2 week trial period to see if it will work out, you know, because they are struggling so much with the heft of the decision before them. That way, you set a precident, and they will have to have meetings about whether to STOP you instead of whether to let you start. Don't even ask, just say "Since you guys are having such a hard time making this decision, let's try it for 2 weeks and see what happens". Be holding a dozen Krispey Kremes whilst you are saying this...

KL said...

I suppose I understand their concern because trying to accommodate us means that someone will have to do something that’s not really their responsibility to do. You know, not in their job description. We are all hired for particular duties, and expecting people to do something that they feel is not part of those duties, can be a little insulting.

Oh shit, I forgot I have to pick up my bosses Subaru from the dealership! Later.