Saturday, January 07, 2006

Marcus isn't the only one to go

I mentioned that I would be revamping my Hokie Blogroll, but as per usual, I was feeling too lazy to make my brain think in HTML or CSS or as I call it "random placement of letters and numbers." I am new to this stuff, and it is so not intuitive for me. However, I did manage to get a little done. If any people on my blogroll don't like their little description, I will reliquish the writing to you, and will change it to whatever you would like, within reason of course.

You may notice it's gotten a little trimmer over there. Yep, some people got the axe. Such "permanent dismissal" requires a statement from the administration, so here it goes:

Brooklyn Hokie - Hasn't shown up since the Miami game. Too bad because I like any blog with "Hokie" in the title.

Fenway Lane - I had high hopes for this blog, as I am a Hokie/Redsox fan as well. But no post since the ACC loss? And one post at that. But I will say that if he/she gets up and running, I will gladly put them back on.

Desi - The picture of Michael Vick on the sidebar had me gladly add this blog when I found it, but hasn't said boo about the Hokies or VT once.

The following blogs are on probation. Like Beamer, I believe in second chances, but don't perform and you're history!
(I'm not linking because they're right over there on the side...don't be so lazy people.)

Gorilla - Was going to get the boot, but just posted, so I'll keep you on for a while. Just keep 'em coming.

Ekletos - Lots of Hokie stuff here, but rarely an update. I hate to click in vain.

VA Tech Thought and Ponderings - First, posts not so often. Secondly, he doesn't have comments working. So if your not going to provide the content, the least you can do is let your visitors make it interesting.

And I would like to give a big shout out to Andrew at Turkey Talk. I thought he was gone forever after the ACC loss, but the same day I asked where he went, POOF! he appears. So he remains at the top of my list, since he is my source for Hokie info. Keep on bloggin' Turkey Talk!

Now, on the CSS/HTML note : you may notice when you click on "Hokie Bloggers Unite" it takes you to the above link of "my liberal pie hole" not to mention underline EVERYTHING. I have tried and can't get this to stop. Please help. Any ideas of what is going on?!!

Thanks. Oh, and I'm adding someone new. Hanni, though not really into Hokie football, is a Hokie nonetheless, and one funny bitch. So I'm going to add her too. I noticed after she dropped by, she clicked along the blog roll and visted some of the peeps over there. So she's cool in my book.


UPDATE:I figured it out...problem solved! it was and unclosed 'a' tag.

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Hänni said...

Yay i'm linked! (Even though I'm horrible with football - gods of Hokie Football please forgive me).