Friday, January 06, 2006

Move on down

I know you are amazed at my debate skills. Whenever the term 'fucktard' is employed, you can be sure the arguments made are rational and cogent. I am not going back on my point there, not at all, it's just the snarkiness is not me. It was me, just then, just then when I was pissed, but now, eh. So here's a post so my rant will scroll and it's not the first impression you get here at Nacho. But of course, now that I say that, anyone who falls upon this blog will surely go down to see what I am talking about. Hmmph.

I am home now. It's Friday, yay! I usually blog from work, but I figured I'd have a Guiness and do a little here. I am planning to do a little more work on the Hokie Blogroll. Many of those links do not really go anywhere, like I said, one post ponys (ponies?). So if I have linked to you, and you want to stay let me know. Hokie Explorer, Bret, Dan, Tom have nothing to worry about...hi boys. And Turkey Talk, where did you go?! Was the ACC loss really that bad? The rest are to go under scrutiny. Look out!

Speaking of Hokies, I was going to say something about this Marcus thing, but I need to roll it over a little more. Needless to say, I am disappointed, and little embarassed. It's hard to defend a program to its retractors and then have someone undo it, making you look like a moron. Don't get me wrong, I am standing by my Hokies, but Beamer has some work to do. Um, we'll see. It's still too raw to talk about. I think he may be gone, and I am feeling that that is not a bad thing.

Hey, now that I've breached the subject, does anyone know what will happen if Marcus does get booted? Can he play somewhere else? After the Johnny Damon betrayal, wouldn't it just be perfect for him to go to UVA or FSU. God, I would laugh. He probably belongs at Maryland, now that I think about it. Turtle Waxers are fucktards.

Ok, rambling and the snarkiness is coming back. Just passing time. Everyone have a great weekend!


dan said...

I already felt a kinship between us after reading much of your blog. But, now, to find that you also like Guiness. We must truly be kindred spirits! ;-)

I really miss my Guiness. Alas, it's no longer allowed on my diet. Drink one for me. Please.

nacho said...

Hi Dan! Ironic because I am drinking Guiness because it's better than my usual, wine. I love some red wine, but the calories and the hangover do not agree with me. Guiness is only 123 calories so if I can have just one or two, not too bad. I just started a diet too. Down 2 pounds so far. Hope to drop 10 by Valentines, but it may be ambitious.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

He can either go to a Div.II school or go pro...