Thursday, February 02, 2006

Changing the blog at a time

I've decided my lapse in common sense and awareness is the President's fault. After all, I am normally sharp and quick with the Googleing. Obviously his vague and abstract ramblings left my poor thinker in a tailspin of confusion. I've even lost my desire to read, and paint, and take photographs...even knit.

But strangely, I find myself compelled to build a robot army, to be used to instruct American Youth on the importance of nanotechnology. So they can build a little robot army. Because we must bring freedom and eliminate evil from the microscopic world! (It is important to note that the existence of a microscopic world is in no way related to evolution. The little stuff has always been little. And if it evolved into something big, then it wouldn’t be little anymore now would it?)

Admittedly, the Presidents lack of emphasis in, or aknowledgment of, the Arts and the Humanities, has left me feeling like I should do something. Something big, something important.

Like mess with the blog template a little! Hope you like it? Better, I think.

I still am confused with most of CSS, HTML, or whatever it is that makes the lines and dashes and moments of keyboard pounding frustration. But fooling with colors is easy enough. It's kinda creamy now. I also put a little maroon in there for the Hokies. I don't like my font either, but that's a little more advanced, and since I don't want what little brain I have left to ooze out of my ears and on to the floor, I will tackle that another day. Perhaps after I haven’t heard the President speak for oh, let's say a month. That will surely have my neurons rejuvenated and rested.

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