Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dog Duty

I don't know if Nature, in response to my observations, has decided to kick it into high gear or what. As if saying, You want winter? Here’s some winter for you! Or Perhaps the Groundhog's aversion to shadow magically causes the jet stream to shift into an appropriate February pattern.

Regardless, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Good news! Now Florida will seem that much more sunny and warm. Though I have been warned that the particular section of Florida I will be visiting is not all that sunny, and not so much warm as it is 'not as cold.' It's Northern Florida, which makes it more susceptible to seasons. So it will be 65 or so. Still better than 25.

We narrowly averted an issue with the dog. When my Dad asked if I wanted to come to not sunny and only slightly warmer Florida, I checked with J. Everything seemed good. It's a plan, have fun. However, something got messed up, because J actually has a business trip this weekend...and it's only, THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE he takes every year, and therefore has been on the books since , oh forever. Some how during the "Yay, I get to go to Florida!" emails, this never came up.

Result? There is 36 hours of Tdog unattended - without food or watering or peeing in appropriate areas. Luckily J has a friend who said he'll do it last minute. Thank god, because our list of people who fall under the heading of 'worthy of T responsibility' is very short. Only two people so far. Well, 4 if you count J's folks, but they are conditional on whether they will be going to Vermont, where dog hair and slobber are welcome with open arms. Of course we know more than two people, but some are, well, let us just say, not the most responsible people. And my nerves do not allow anyone but the top of the list to serve the Tdog, lest I have paranoid visions of his carcass being dragged under the FedEx truck.

Perhaps when I return I will have some pretty pictures for you. I plan to bring my camera. My mother has commissioned me with a painting for the new house, so I need some reference shots in order to make them all Florida-y and fit in with the decor of seashells and seagulls and starfish and all that is tacky and beachy. Oh and in the teal and pink color scheme. And, can you say sandollars? ugh.

But I will be happy to have a project. One that will keep me busy while I'm not knitting the sweater I started 6 months ago, and not doing my taxes. Yay.

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