Thursday, February 09, 2006

Quote of the Week: #2

Since I will be on a plane Friday, I figured I'd get crackin' on my second installment of The Quote of the Week.

This week I wanted to branch out a little, so I spent some time clicking that "next blog" button to see if there is any random goodness out there. I have learned the following from this experiment:

There are a TON of Malaysian bloggers out there. And not just in Malaysia. I found Malaysians living in New Zealand, India, United States, ect. But they all identify themselves as Malaysian. I do not know if their presence in the Blogosphere is a result of a cultural inclination to blog, or simply due to a large population...if it is just sheer numbers, I have concluded that the Malaysians will soon be taking over the world.

A lot of people blog about their mail. Because it's something different everyday. Today I got 4 credit card offers! Wha? And most of them don't go on to make any interesting points or funny quips about their mail. They just state it matter o' factly. Like it's news. I guess it's better than blogging about the weather (I blog about the weather...a lot. Perhaps I will cut back on that a little)

A lot of people blog about the weather.

People are sad, lonely and boring. *sigh*

People from Japan really like animae. Some cartoon girl with big boobs and wispy hair dominates the top of every page. And the backgrounds are all shadowy and swirly in pink and grey and black. It slows down my browser and makes me mad. And how the fuck do you get past all this crap and find the actual BLOG?

Lots of boobies!

I was surprised to find it spit out a few good reads. Unfortuantely, it seemed that every time I found myself chuckling or earmarking sentences for possible Quotes of the Week, I'd look at the comments, and there would be 112! Example Kill the Goat. She was being so funny with the polaroid dog! Too bad 68 other people already agreed. I am dedicated to undiscovered wit, and had to move on.

So before I'd start reading, I decided I would look at the comments, and if it was under 10, I'd take a look.

Unfortunately, there is a reason no one reads these blogs.

But here's what I found. Diamonds in an expansive rough.


It tasted like socks that had been used to wipe a skunk's butt.


However I was quite flattered by an attractive blonde, whose name I can remember but have opted not to disclose in case her friends end up teasing her about her frankly questionable judgement, who told a mutual friend (who later told me)... that she thought I was cute.


Hokie Explorer said...

Where are you finding boobies at? I guess I'm not quite as fortunate as you are :-\

KL said...

Oh, click that next blog button enough times and you'll see boobies. A variety! some are actual bloggers, others are smarmy photo sites (but usually very tame).

I actually came across one that must use your IP address and puts fake locations under the girls you think they live next door to you. But they don't. At least I don't think so.

Oh, I almost used one of your quotes!

"You know you’ve had a crazy night when the police think you are dead."

Have a nice weekend

Mrs. T said...

Hi Nacho!

Kill the Goat was really clever - nice find! I like this new weekly feature - will miss still smiling and singing my Steeler chants. Ahhhh, life is f*ckin good! :-)

KL said...


I will call you tonight lady! Happy your Steelers won for you. Also happy they lost the coin toss...I got $4 from J for that one!

Mrs. T said...

I bet you guys bet on anything!

jaylam19 said...

mrs t - you should ask her who took down the big bucks for the bet on the actual game...

KL said...

Oh my god!

You have commented...after all the baiting and pleading.

Too bad that ratting me out and getting me in trouble is the only motivation that works.

Chickie said...

Heh, thanks for noticing me :)