Friday, February 17, 2006

Hit me!

Tomorrow I am heading to the casino to get my black jack on. The trip is my Christmas present from J. Casinos bore him, but my addictive personality LOVES it. So he is nice enough to tolerate the jingle jangle clangy warble while I experience all the giddy highs and stomach dropping lows Foxwoods has to offer.

In a strange coincidence, at yesterday's All Company meeting, they distributed our profit sharing checks. At first I was happy, but now I kinda wish they handed them out after my gambling spree.

Wish me luck!

Oh! On a end note:If you didn’t check out the previous post, or its comments, then you may not know that the secret word (or words) for next week is 'combustion chamber.' Come Sunday, get to blogging...please. Because I already checked out what would have been eligible this week, and it ain't pretty. And I'd prefer to skip over all the car bloggers. It was like being stuck in a Motor Trend magazine. I dealt with enough geeky engineer types in college.

(Sorry if you identify as a geeky engineer type, especially those from Virginia Tech...I love anyone who happens to grace this area, geeky motorheads and all).


Bret said...

As a geeky-engineer type (although I was an ISE, so that means that to other engineers we dealt with silly and imaginary things, but to outsiders we were actually sociable and somewhat interactive), I ... well, that was such a long parenthetical statement, I totally forget what I think.

I'm not really a motorhead, though, so I got that goin for me. Which is nice.

nacho said...

I secretly wish I had had a desire to be a geeky engineer type...I was somewhat lost in college. Oh, I learned alot, but not much that serves me well unless I'm playing trivial pursuit.