Thursday, February 16, 2006

Quote of the Week: #3

Okay, I know it's Thursday, not Friday, but I'm going to be super busy tomorrow and out of town this weekend, so no blogging.

I'm a little concerned that all my Quote of the Week posts are so long. In its purist form, I suppose there should be the quote, and that's it. But sometimes it's the journey, not the destination, no? And this week was quite a journey.

I tried yet another new approach. I used the "search all blogs" button. My plan was to type in a phrase that would result in something timely and interesting. So I chose "Valentine's Day was" and clicked to see what came up.

Looks like bloggers are not big on adjectives, because all I really got was "Valentine's Day was fun" or "good" or "awesome!" There were a couple "horribles" but mostly it seems the blogosphere had a "nice" Februrary 14th.

Here are a couple semi-interesting sentences I found:

Fat Kids Valentines Day was kind of a bust. Except for the fat part.

Well like usual my valentines day was drunk and full of singlehood.

Not exactly Quote of the Week material, huh?

So instead I go to the other happening. No, not the Vice President's trigger happy happening. The Olympics!

Here's what a search for "watching the Olympics" produced:

I haven't been watching the Olympics this week due to a combination of studying and "studying." Ooohh maybe Gyasi and I can make it a drinking game this weekend. I just want to see the curling, dammit.

So I'm up late watching the olympics. Yeah it is in lower-case cause i'm not sure it deserves an upper-case character.

Nothing like watching the Olympics and eating something that could result in a heart attack. YES!

eh? Better than Valentine's Day, but still not quite up to par. With options dwindling and no desire to search for Dick Cheney's shooting rampage, I search for "Nacho"(because, you know, this is all about me). Of course, when bloggers use the word "nacho", they are referring to the corn chip variety, not the me variety.

This was not too successful either, thanks to Jack Black. Apparently, he has a new movie coming out called Nacho Libre, and people found themselves needing to blog about it.

All but this weirdo...

i get the chips, because, well everyone knows - ducks cannot survive without spicy nacho chip picnics. i talk to animals. no, not like doolittle silly rabbits! casual conversation.

With the week nearing its end, I begin to lose motivation. Then I have my epiphany.

This weekly feature is in need of streamlining, but how do I navigate the busy and cluttlered blogosphere to find random statements that don't seem 1) complete arbitrary and 2) suck ass because of all the crap there is to wade through. Maybe if I make it more systematic, then I won't have a novel preceeding every Quote of the Week, explaining the trials and tribulations of quote hunting.

So this is what I propose:

Though the "Search All Blogs" button did not yield all that much this week, I will utilize it next week. Someone will decide on a word, one word, that next weeks Quote must contain. It will keep the search a little more narrow and less headache producing. And who gets to decide what that word is? Well, it's the Quote of the Week winner, of course!

That is if they answer my email, or blog comment, or however I decide to contact them.

This weeks winner was found with the last ditch effort of the "Next Blog" button.

Good find, for sure. Not only is she funny, but she meets the criteria of low comments AND she blogged about the Olympics. Score. I am willing to overlook the fact that she is much (well, not THAT much) younger than me, most likely prettier than me (if she was, in fact, a prom queen), funnier than me and writes better than me. Perhaps she is even blogroll worthy. (Hey Dog Blog, you're in trouble mister. What's up with the updates? Dirty Old Prom Queen may just overthrow your ass).

I give you the last, completely random...


It's time for me to well up with tears at the slightest hint of the somber yet inspirational Olympic overture; and then to weep uncontrollably at the countless stories of struggle and dedication, while I bathe myself in orange soda and Pizza Hut popper pizzas.

And I'll throw her another bone, so hopefully she'll play along.

Honorable Mention

Every time I find myself sporting a new Taz tattoo, soaked in burbon at 3 AM on the floor of Zeta Phi Beta Lambda, where do I crawl? Right over to the beer pong table. That's where I fashion a paddle made out of my own hand and begin to practice against a cup. I've never lost. And if you think that empty cup is letting me win...think again.


Lang said...

Yay! Thanks for letting me be quote of the week!! I am obviously super honored. I have decided that the word for next week's quote of the week should be...(I am opening up my yuge dictionary and randomly landing on a word) "combustion chamber?" Okay, I landed on "combustion chamber." So, I guess you have your choice of "combustion" or "chamber" or both. Sorry, I have no idea what this will yield. Good luck! Love your blog. Hope my word doesn't ruin anything.

Lang (the dirty old prom queen)

nacho said...

Yay!!!! awesome. Thanks for coming over. Love, loved your blog.

Thanks for being a good sport. Combustion chamber it is! unless no one blogs about a combustion chamber...then maybe just combustion...or chamber. We'll see!

Mrs. T said...

Nice find Nacho! I was just on dirtyoldpromqueen's blog and came across this gem:

"So, I was hanging at Binaca's house and her parents weren't home and you know, I scored this E from a friend of a friend of Tony's. Anyway, I gave her a pill and said, "let's take our shirts off" and she said, "only if you go to college." So, like I feel like I would be a good match for your institution, because all the fly honeys be lovin' up in this shit."

Yup, nice find!

nacho said...

Oh lang, you're gettin the love from Mrs. T...lucky.

Bret said...

I like this idea. Sounds fun. I'll see what I can do.