Monday, February 27, 2006

My house can beat up your house

Yesterday I went to an Open House at a home down the street. They are asking quite a bit of dough for this little abode, and since it is smaller than our house, I figured I'd do a comparison. Because, if they can get that much money for a home smaller than ours, we're rich! Well, sorta. Rich on paper. Rich in that not-able-to-actually-spend-money sort of way. Rich with equity, that ethereal wealth that allows you to borrow yourself into even greater debt than you already are.

Well, the house was cute. Small, as I said, but laid out in a more traffic friendly manner than our house. Our house is like a railroad car. Long and narrow. And man, was this house clean! Like really clean. I'm sure the real estate agent had the owners pack up everything that showed evidence of their habitation. They staged the house. I know this from all my HGTV watching. Though I doubt the staging was done by some middle aged leprechaun on steroids . And sure enough, there in the basement (the basement you can actually stand up in without hitting your point to little house) boxes and bins as far as the eye can see.

Other bonus features of the home, besides the basement where you don't risk splitting open your skull, is that it has three bedrooms. Three! We only have two. I stood at the top of the stairs trying to figure out how they managed another bedroom, then I realized it. No bathroom. Just one normal sized bedroom and two absurdly small ones. That means the occupants of the 3 bedrooms have to share the one bath...downstairs. No thank you.

So in the end, our house wins. Not by a ton, but it's nicer over all. I'll keep my eye out and see when this one sells. Then adjust my net worth accordingly. Perhaps this newly enjoyed capital could be leveraged into a dishwasher. Oh, or even perhaps a garbage disposal. Fancy.


Matt said...

And how much were they asking for this little slice of purgatory?

KL said...

299K. Yikes! right?

I don't think they'll get that much though. I hope they do, for us...but I think it will be a lot lower than that. Perhaps around 250K