Friday, February 24, 2006

Quote of the Week: #4 (Combustion Chamber)

This week I was on the hunt for a blog quote with the word "combustion chamber" (courtesy of Lang at Dirty Old Prom Queen, last weeks winner). Well, it's proven a little tough. There are quite a few mentions of combustion chambers, but they are all referring to engines and spark plugs.


The Hemi is short for hemispherical combustion chamber, which creates more efficient fuel burning and allows larger valves for better airflow.

How fascinating.

So, I took the liberty of splitting the words up.

First, combustion.

This search also led to a lot of engine talk, especially of the internal combustion variety. Blah. In a surprising turn, I also found blogs where people write about spontaneous human combustion. Quite a lot actually.

I think I may have solved the mystery of spontaneous combustion! Smokers who bathe in highly flammable, alcohol based perfumes! POOF!

Good Theory.

Then there is chamber.

God, this was almost worse than combustion chamber. When you set chamber all alone, you get political blogs. Not interesting commentary kind of political blogs, but mind numbing minutes from Zoning meetings and a lot of talk about your local Chamber of Commerce.

And what's more boring than the Chamber of Commerce? How about Chamber music. Not sure what it is exactly, but it sounds boring. Not so boring that people don't blog about it, because they do. Too much. But apparently, being in a Chamber Choir, is not cool. Because to be treated like you're in a chamber choir, is an insult.

We were larger, around 60, but the fact that we were all young and didn't have fully developed voices allowed our conductor to treat us, effectively, like a chamber choir.

Conductors. What assholes.

So, with the pickings a little slim, I completely obliterated my own guidelines by picking a quote from a guy with a blog that has chamber in the title.


Because, as I learned as a boy, Whether the horses fight or fuck, it is always the grass that gets trampled.
The Star Chamber

Honorable Mention

Who knew? The Oakmont Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce has the cutest. website. ever.


Samson Isberg said...

All right - the word is "petty" as in "petty treason".

You're welcome.

KL said...

Thanks samson. Petty it is.

amy. said...

I almost intentionally used the phrase "combustion chamber" this week to get in your blog, but I figured that would be cheating. Damn you, second generation removed Catholic guilt!

I ahve to also tell you, while I have your...erm...eye that the word verification thingie stresses me out. q and g look too much alike and I am always afraid I am going to enter the wrong one. What would happen if I got it wrong? Would my comment be deleted? Would I be tossed from the Garden of Nacho forever? These things give me stress. Which can only mean one thing: I AM turning into my mother after all...

nacho said...

Ha! I was hoping some people out there would use combustion chamber, but alas...I am not so powerful.

I have often mistyped the verification thingy, and it just asks you to do it again...comment still intact.

Sometimes those things are simple like 'sldi', but somtimes they are RIDICULOUSLY (sp?) 'qqgmntuvrk'. It makes me realize that I actually think as I type. Nonsense words must be typed very slowly.

Lang said...

Once again, my apologies for "combustion chamber," but also, the rewards are great when the task is hard, no? P.S. The honorable mention made me crack up.

nacho said...

Yes, gotta love a challenge. No need to apologize.

"We do this and other things not because they are easy but because they are hard" -JFK

Thanks again!