Monday, March 20, 2006

As if I'm not already stressed...

Ok, I'll say it here. Perhaps with some sort of internet karma it will make me more accountable. I am putting it out here as fact, and only I can control the integrity and truth of the following statement:

I quit smoking.

It's about time, no? It's been 4 days. I had a ½ piece of Nicorrette gum on Friday. It hasn't been too bad, the cravings come and go. But for some reason, nicotine withdrawal gives me cotton mouth. Like super spongy, tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth cotton mouth. And I'm crabby. My patience is zilch. I don't even have the ability to write what I want...about how I was supposed to have quit before the wedding, how I'm worried about being a bitch...I can't think or settle enough to formulate the words and thoughts.

Just want the buzz/whizz of withdrawal to subside so I can feel normal again.

It will be good to move to "The Healthiest City in America" with the cigarettes in my past. Plus, standing outside in –20 degree weather in February just to feed an addiction doesn't sound like fun. Not that I was a chain smoker or anything. I was a 1-2 a day person, but if I didn't have that 1 or 2...ugh. I felt like I feel now. And without a concerted effort, it is easy to give in.

I also had a list of excuses, or at least acceptable scenarios for wine, on the phone, bad day at, because I felt like it?

But not now. Bye Bye my little butts!

I only wish I could say the same to the big one I'm sitting on.


Mrs. said...

Hang in there Nacho! I too am on the same path . . . My Dad and I are now bike riding three times a week. I feel pathetic when my throat tightens and my 55 year old father races past me, up hill.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. When your body finally tells you it's time to quit, listen to it and go with it! You will notice a total difference in even the littlest things...bringing in groceries no longer makes you want to hork up a lung. Everything smells better. You will start to smell smokers and be like, P.U., and there you will be, a fresh, pink lunged daisy. GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF! Besides, I hear there is an underground sect of hippies in Vermont who beat smokers with incense sticks and pour patchouli in their eyes if they catch you smoking. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Bret said...

You can do it, Nacho! You can do it like car-insurance-saving Tony Little on his Gazelle. You can do it like the cliched Rob Schneider in Waterboy. We'll all be pulling for you, and then you'll be a lot healthier and live a lot longer.. and won't that be nice?

nacho said...

Thanks's like my own little support group. I won't let you down.

bret - yes, that would be very nice...I don't know who tony little is, but if he can do it with car insurance, I sure can with cigarettes.

Diddy- you're funny. Can't wait to see you in May and not smoke with you.

Mrs. T - I just tried pilates. First I need to work on my balance. Those little moves don't do shit if you keep falling over.

Bret said...

Wondering about fitness guru Tony Little? Look no further.

nacho said...

ooooooooooh. I could I be so remiss. Guess I never committed his name to memory, unlike, ahem, some people.

Lord knows I watch enough TV that I should have kept that one from flying over my head.

See, the nictotine withdrawal has me all fuzzy in the head.