Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm back. Didn't know I was gone? I was. But now I'm here again. Hi.

We went up to Burlington to check out the house situation. Sadly, the situation is grim. It is very expensive. Everything in our price range is either falling over or in an ugly 70's style brick condo building. So far the ugly 70's style condo is in the lead. If we buy it you can come visit and we can do the hustle in front of the Very Brady stairs! You know, the kind with no risers, just treads. Which, by the way, will freak the dog out. See-through stairs are not part of his repertoire.

As a result, we are think more seriously about renting. If we pay in rent what we could afford in mortgage, we could get a pretty nice place near town. But since we have been homeowners for 3 years, it feels like throwing money out the window. But, we will still be paying mortgage on our house here, so in financial terms it will be like we never left! Even though we would not be increasing our real estate empire, the empire would remain comfortable in the status quo. And we would have a place to live, which is good. Instead of all the uncertainty and bank approval and mortgage crap, which is boring and stressful.

But who knows. We change our minds every 10 seconds. We even had a long discussion about a house that would be perfect. That is if we spent the next 3 years and $100K of income chipping away at the rot and ugliness. Oh, I wish I had my camera, I could show you the upstairs bathroom. Maybe I'll run home at lunch. Honestly, even Tom Silva would cringe.

But it was the only one that wasn't immitating a carnival funhouse. Look, when I stand in this corner, I can touch the ceiling!


amy. said...

Maybe you can find a 6 month lease or something. You guys have enough to stress out about just getting settled in there. It will be much easier to house hunt once the pressure of immediate need is gone and once you know the area a bit, don't you think?

KL said...

Yeah, I think your right. J's coming around to that point of view too. There is just no telling how long it will take to close on a place, let alone find one.

We'd probably sign a year lease, wouldn't want to move during a Burlington winter!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Plus, Tubbs wouldn't like it. He don't "doo" condos.