Friday, March 24, 2006

Quote of the Week #8 (chubby)

Thank you to Sexy, for providing the word for this week, "chubby". She came in from the reserves (she was the first winner ever!) because last weeks winner was a no show. Thanks a bunch whatever your name is...that's right, no link. That's what you get. Not that you care. Because you obviously don't.

Moving on...

Chubby is a girl word. It is used primarily by girls to describe one of two things. Other girls and babies.

One particular kind of girl who uses this word is mom. And they're hungry for flesh. There are far too many Mommys blogging about eating their young. Seriously. It seems having a baby causes a surge in cannibalistic urges:

Four and a half months old Anna now weighs about 7.5 kilos and has rolls of fat on her wrists! I just want to eat her up.

There are lots of chubby cheeks, fingers and toes that moms call yummy and wish to eat. Maybe when I am a mom I will understand, but let's hope not.

A lot of ladies use the word to describe themselves.

I don't have pictures of myself, but I will post a description: I'm short, chubby, my bones are huge, my medium length, semi wavy hair is brown, my eyes are brown too, but a shade or two darker then my hair. I'm a bit chubby,...
Yes, we know. You already said that…I overlooked it and kept reading. Now I think I'll stop.

Someone asked for a pic, ahem. I know you're not talking about a pic of my chubby body, so that means you want a pic of the lovely YELLOW room.
I'm pretty sure someone was a disappointed by her logic.

Chubby is a word that means fat. It does. Maybe not really fat, but definitely not thin. It's sorta the nice way to say fat, because fat isn't a very nice word. People who are trying to be extra nice put "a little" in front of it. But we still know what you mean. Fat.

They were being really mean to her because she's a little chubby so her mom just decided to drive her.
They were making fun of her because she's fat. Saying so doesn't make you a bad person. Well, maybe it does, but just a little.

Then there are the people who use it hoping it will soften the judgmental statement they are making about, oh let's say...a small child.
I will say that my niece is so chubby that she has bends where there aren't any joints.
Though it's not all negative. Some girls use it endearingly when they have strange lesbian crushes on their classmates:

its not that i have the feelings towards gurls, but i jus like her swit chubby face. i cant concentrate during english just now. im feeling so damn happy, like izni all over the class.
Um, I think you should start concentrating in English today.

It was inevitable that I would find this particular use of the word chubby. And of course, it's a dude:
Click on the photo's to the left to biggify them and really get a chubby. Oops, said that out loud didn't I?
I must warn you, I have a sitemeter that will tell me if you click to see what is causing him to pitch a tent. I see you! Perverts.

Before I announce the winner, I want to share something I found on the search for the word chubby. At first I thought it might be a contender, after all babies are getting eaten by tigers. But then I kept reading, and reading...and um, reading.

I present The Longest Sentence in the Blogosphere (containing the word chubby)
Occasionally when pondering this I think of all the unfortunate prehistoric babies born to cavemothers who did not have the gene that finds disproportionately huge heads and big eyes and chubby knees distractingly endearingly adorable, and so left their infant on the ground where a tiger ate it and stopped that particular genetic lineage in its tracks, so that we might arrive at today, where almost all of the members of our species find babies inexplicably cute- so much so that we transfer our identification of "cuteness" traits over to irrelevant animals and objects, and also find baby ducks and tiny shoes and miniature cans of soda cute, even though they are not critical to our survival as a species.
And because making fun of formerly super hot Jordan Catalano makes the painful truth of his new found skeez factor easier to accept:

If you saw a chubby guy wearing a priests collar and too much eyeliner last night, chances are that was Jared Leto

Honorable Mention

Osama got a bit chubby, eh? And flashing the bling around?


Hokie E said...

my word of the week is: dealership

nacho said...

hey there hokie, I appreciate the participation, but I must sit and wait to be sure the rightful quote word person doesn't show. Oh pencopal, where are you?

But I'll use it if they don't show soon. Thanks

This quote project went so well at the beginning, but lately I've been picking winners who I don't think check their blog very often. Perhaps this is the end?

Pencopal said...

The word is "interface." It's such a corporate word to use...what are we, robots?

KL said...


You have single handedly saved the quote of the week. And today is my birthday. Best present yet.

Not too will work famously I'm sure.

(sorry Hokie...but I'll keep you in the reserves)