Thursday, March 09, 2006

Quote of the Week #6 (sublime)

A huge thanks to Chickie for this weeks word, 'sublime'. She stepped in from the reserves when last weeks winner failed to show (she was the winner in week #2 before all this word nonsense started). Thanks Chickie!

How many bloggers utilize the word sublime in a given week? Not a whole lot. Maybe that's because it is a 5 cent word in land of 1 cent bloggers. Therefore, those who turn up tend to have writing skills a notch higher than usual...or at least better vocabularies. But now worries, it was still enough to do the job.

The overwhelming majority of posts have to do with music or food.

I actually have the middle-aged hippie woman who lived in my first apartment building here in Chicago to thank for introducing me to this sublime and affordable coffee

Wow sublime and affordable, sign me up.

Then there were the bloggers that had, you know, experiences.

I sat there, entranced in this sublime misery wondering at the world - in full awe of the mystery of being human, of existing at all, and feeling united in heart with all those around me.

Sublime is a pretty strong word. When you envoke it, it should be describing something awe-inspiring and beautiful. Like, for instance, an appliance repairman.

Frustrated by an annoying leak from the bottom of the door on your Frigidaire dishwasher, model number starting with PLD? Sublime Master Willie has the fix.

But the winner this week, I must say, fits right into the subject matter of this week's ramblings, and has even inspired me...

A Haiku by Nacho

Cradled in my palm
My sips melt the winter chill
And sense of balance


But now, years later, it seems to me that haiku is the perfect vehicle to encapsulate all aspects of red wine, from the mysteriously sublime to the numbingly mundane.

Honorable Mention

Could the real power and force in international relations (and global diplomacy) soon rest with the sublime beauty of football and not in the limp fabric of a sky blue beret?


Lane Steinberg said...

the word is "potato-like"

nacho said...

Thanks for participating Lane.

Wow, that's going to be a toughy...