Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Can it stop now?

(how great of a picture would this have been if I had remembered the clip that connects my camera to my tripod...)

The 5th of July...hopefully marking the end of bottle rockets and firecrackers that are annoying the hell out of the dog, who, as a result, is annoying the hell out of me.

But not as much as the freakin' car commercials! I don't know about anybody else out there, and whether Toyota has purchased as big of a chunk of air time in your market, but the Summer Sales Event is ON people! Let's go for a ride, it's summer time! Oh, and I don't know if it's in a Chevy or Ford, but American Idol dude goes where he wants, and does as he case you didn't know.

This morning Tubbs was to go to the vet for his expensive heart scan thingamagiggy, but the traveling doctor-with-scanner cancelled. Did they call to tell me? Um, no. They waited until I loaded Tubby in the car, drove there and walked in the door. Needless to say I was a little annoyed, but the dog was happy to make a quick getaway. Poor guy. With all this vet activity his enthusiasm to get in the car is beginning to wane.

Perhaps I should change the format of my blog into BAD NEWS, and GOOD NEWS...since I always seem to start with the bitching? So what's some good news?

I finished another sweater! Actually 2. Yay! My super smart SIL mapped out the VT logo so I could put it on the plain white sweater I made. Awesome. I decided to do an outline instead of a solid, so I kinda messed it up. The V part looks a little thick and I may tweak, but check it out.

I also made a super-cute lilac cardigan for a friend of mine who is having a girl in September. I need to buy some cool buttons for it. I love this sweater. I'm thinking of making one with white body and navy sleeves as a little Red Sox jacket. The baseball theme works so well with the raglan sleeves. This is the first thing I've ever knitted where the seams aren't all wacky. I feel like I'm actually progressing!

I just started another cardigan, a two-toned V-neck. Not sure if I'll finish before I leave for DC on Sunday. If so, I'll have to figure out another project for the plane ride. I am SO looking forward to going home. I think it's because I haven't seen my folks since I've been pregnant. Hopefully my mother will want to go shopping! For me, not baby...I need some shirts that don't reveal the big stretchy belly panel on my pants. Slim pickins around here...there isn't even a Target. And I haven't worked up the desire to return to Baby Gap.


Katy said...

you're a really awesome, quick knitter! i'm so envious of your skills. i normally can't bear to touch wool in the muggy heat of summer, but i might have to dig out the yarn again so i feel like i am still a worthy knitter. you just keep on knitting out your frustration at those car commercials!

nacho said...

I'm not that quick...I just don't have a job :-) I figure if I knit, I can say I'm making money that I would have spent on baby clothes. So far I think I'm averaging 37 cents and hour. 9 year olds in Singapore...look out!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Possibilitieeeeeeeez! Sing it, Taylor.

Um, you are a wonderknitter. So cool! Next time i see you, will you school me with a scarf lesson?

For your trip home, Tyson's Corner has officially doubled in size. You can definitly find some shirts. OOOH! H&M has a maternity section! Go there, you'll love it.

nacho said...

Woo hoo...back to the land of malls. There is an upside to the traffic of Nova...

You know it Diddy. Though vegas is not the land for scarves. Hmmm, perhaps a tube top? I'll see if I can find a simple pattern for hot pants.

H0kie Erin said...

LOVE the sweater and so much cheaper than the 125% marked up stuff they sell at the bookstore. Perhaps you could make me one. :o) Not that I need it any time soon.

nacho said...

Hey Erin - When the time comes, I will definitely make you one!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Ah, I can already feel the itch!

Actually, it gets below freezing here in the winter- maybe we can put a palm tree on it, though. :)

amy. said...

Hey Nacho, I have a knit bikini pattern if you need some warm weather ideas ;) Soooo practical.

That sweater is awesome! The raglan Sox shirt would be awesome, too. You can stitche LaMonde into the back like a practice jersey or something and the Sox logo on the front. Okay, maybe I am just addicted to the duplicate stitch. Except when it's something I'm being paid to do, like the skull and bones I should be doing right. this. minute.