Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shake my booties

I just dropped Tubbs off at the vet for his rescheduled EKG. I feel really bad...he was in such a happy mood this morning. I drank my morning coffee watching him roll around on the floor and growling trying to get me to play. Then I grabbed his leash and he went completely ape-shit. He bounded eagerly into the car, ready for whatever adventure lay ahead.

Then we got to the vet. He transformed into sad puppy. Tail down, ears back, hide behind mama's legs. Oh, the motherly guilt. At least he gets to hang out in air conditioning all day.

I am trying to muster the motivation to walk downtown to the camera repair store, but it's so darn hot. I broke one of my lenses. I dropped it. Stupid. It no longer wants to focus when zoomed in. Crappy. Wonder how much this will cost. Poop.

I can still take pictures though! But instead of using the focus I have to walk back and forth until I occupy the correct focal point to bring everything in clear. And since I'm again unemployed, I've been back on the knitting wagon!

Aren't they cute? A little 'coordinated' if you know what I mean. This is pretty much the color scheme I have planned for the nursery...a taupey tan, light blue and then also a nice vanilla white.

Ok, I'm going. I'm sweating while i sit here anyway, might as well be outside, in the hot, steamy, dog-breath of an atmosphere. Thankfully my shingles blisters are all popped and pretty much done doing their thing.



amy. said...

Oh, the mama guilt. I have serious mama guilt issues, too, sister. I'll be thinking 'bout Tubbs and hoping you get the magic fix'em up pill soon :) The hat and booties turned out super cute! And I'm glad to hear that the shingles are on their way out. I got your names email, I have just been super busy. I'll email when (if?) Henry goes down for a nap.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

New band name: Shingle Pop.

KL said...

I think tubbs almost wishes he was back there now, chillin' in the AC instead of lying here panting in the heat. No worries on the email...I'm just...Knitting on My Ass? um, Pulling my Wool? God, I'm good.

Pdiddy - waiting for your debut at Light.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Me and Paris Hilton. We'll be dancing on the tables. Then I'll knock that skinny 'ho on the flo'!