Monday, August 07, 2006

And now back to Matt in the Studio!

The self-image of a pregnant woman is a very delicate thing. There are times were the added curves make you feel more womanly, but most of the time, you just feel kinda fat. And feeling sexy? Well, fleeting instances at best. Therefore, accessories have become very important. I enjoy a cute shirt, have taken to wearing a little makeup and even some jewlery. I just bought a pair of oversized rock n' roll Nicole Richie-esque sunglasses, though I'm not completely convinced I pull them off. And to top it off, I have my new shorter hip hair do.

Well, at least I did.

I have been butchered. Ok, that language is a little strong. But honestly, I look like Dorothy Hamil. And no matter what I do, I can't get the funky cool bob back. Instead I have this strange urge to go to the Regal Beagle and open a flower shop

J and I went in for haircuts on Saturday (his looks fabulous, by the way). I opted for the more expensive "experienced" stylist. I told her I was new to this haircut and I just wanted a trim. I explained it should be a little shorter in the back than in the front and I wanted the bangs trimed up a bit. Other than that, a little reinforcing of the layers and some thinning out to reduce the poof factor, and we'd be done. She seemed to understand and she got to work.

The salon we went to is right on the water. I had a prime seat next to a big window, looking out over the docks and across the lake. So as she begun her work, she turned my chair away from the mirror and towards the window. That's right! So I couldn't see what she was doing...sneaky, I know.

Well, after about 20 minutes of babyname talk and criticism of my current hair maintenance regime, she turned me back. The first thing she said was "So, are you freaking out?"

Um, why would she ask me that? Clearly, she knew she deviated from the plan...

First thing I noticed was that it was really short. Like REALLY short. But it was still wet. It's hard to tell anything. She told me to let it air dry to keep the curl and put some goop in it, and ran her fingers through. She explained that if I didn't like something, just call and she'd fix it. That would be reassuring if I had any hair left. Which I don't, so needless to say, I won't be calling.

Anyway, as soon as I got home, I got to work. The front is shorter than the back. THE FRONT IS SHORTER THAN THE BACK. The exact opposite of what I said. It doesn't quite make it into mullet territory, but he front layers are lenth at all. AAAARGH! And they're big chunky, thick short layers. All I can do is tuck behind my ears, which makes me look like...yep.

I'm just so sad because I really liked my new haircut. But now it's gone. I just keep reminding myself that hair grows and it could always be worse. I am going bandana shopping today to see if I can manage some sort of hair band, head shield device that will not make me look like a dork.

And no, I will not be posting a picture.


Mrs. T said...

Oh, come on - please post a pic? Puh-leeeeeze?

KL said...

Sorry, you'll have t wait until Saturday. Yay! I get to see you on Saturday!

Katy said...

you might like it once little nacho is born. babies pull on long hair! did you go back for the free touchup?

nacho said...

Way to look on the bright side, but I will never like has NO style whatsoever. I didn't go back for the free touch up because that would require more cutting and there really isn't much left to cut. I think I'll just have to let it grow it out.


amy. said...

Jeez. I think that there is something about having a kid that makes hair stylists automatically refuse to listen to your instructions and give you "the mom cut". I have even worn shirts that show off my tattoos and worn hip clothes in an attempt to show the stylist that I am quite sure that I don't want to look like the lady from the Sunny D commercial. I only trust my friend Melissa to cut it now. She is a funky mama and knows what we mean by "please lord god, don't make me look like a soccer mom. I beg you". Ugh, I so feel your pain. I bet you would look cute in one of those visored crochet-y hats they had at Burton. Or can you do super short quirky pigtails? I wouldn't go back for a touch up, but if she did the opposite of what you asked, I might ask for a refund so you can go get some funky head gear.

nacho said...

Amy, that's so funny! I wore my new extra large sunglasses and this hip Burton girl shirt and shoved as many bangs in my face as possible, to look as "hip" as possible for that exact reason. I think the belly makes them want to make you "cute" or something. And I went to urban outfitters today and bought 2 hats and 2 bandanas...the bandanas make me look alike a Suicide Girl wannabe but that's better than Marie Osmond.

Maybe if I had some tattoos I would do better. Perhaps the kid will inspire me finally go through with it...a last ditch attempt to instill some punk rock in my mommyness... I HEART FREDWARD