Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just waiting for my teeth to start falling out

"Well, we ruled out a blood clot, though there is something there."

"Like what?"

"Could be a bruise, or something like cellulits."

"Cellulitis? What's that?"

"Its when you get an infection in...well, um..."

"Your cellulite?"


Great. It's bad enough that I have cellulite to begin with, now it can get infected?! Of course, they don't know if that is, in fact, what is going on. Apparently, anything besided a blood clot is not worth worrying about...unless your me. I spent most of the time on the ultrasound table trying decide what event I would be good at for the para-olympics, because if it's not a blood clot, it's definitely a tumor and they will for sure cut off my leg. (I think Js hypochondria is rubbing off on me, this line of thought is more his style.)

I woke up yesterday morning with a pain on the side of my knee. It was sore to the touch and pretty much just felt like a bruise. I couldn't think of how I managed to bruise myselft there, but chalked it up as pregnant lady sleep flailing and hopped in the shower. I had my day planned. I was going to finish knitting a shower gift for a friend and then head downtown to shop for some cute maternity junk and hats to counteract the severe self esteem blow delived by a terrible haircut.

Well, half way through my stroll downtown my leg was really hurting. I felt the side of my knee and there was a distinct lump and boy, was it sore. So after my bandanna and hat purchase at Urban Outfitters, I head home and onto the internet.

Which is never a good idea.

The first scary thing I found was blood clots. Apparently pregnant ladies are prone to these, especially in the leg. So I call my mom, who tells me to call the doctor, who tells me to get my butt over to the office. She takes a quick look, furrows her brow and leaves the room. She comes back in and states she's sending me over to the hospital for an ultrasound of my leg...and since they are "squeezing me in" I could be there for hours. Which I was.

But luckily, no blood clot, which I guess could really be bad. So I was very relieved. However, now that we know what it isn't, I want to know what it is. It still hurts. It's definitely not a's red and growing. It's about twice the size of yesterday morning. If it's an infection, I want it gone before it gets in the blood stream or anything...mama worry is kicking in full throttle. I don't have a 'regular' doctor yet, so I'm calling my OB today to find out what I should do.

So that's the drama. Geez, can anything else be up with me and my body? For real. Enough already. I really don't want this blog to become a dumping ground for my medical issues...first Shingles, and not to mention it's already named after my corn related digestive disorder. Did I tell you I have a zit on my shoulder?...well, I do. (and hairdresser from hell also stated I have "flake situation"...there, more than you ever wanted to know).


Katy said...

the hairdresser probably only said that so you would buy uber expensive shampoo from her to treat it.

Mike said...

Cellulitis can be very serious if I'm remembering correctly. A lady I work with has a daughter in the hospital with that (I think)...pretty serious. She's been in the hospital for about 5 weeks now.

KL said...

Katy - don't you know it! I hate the way they take a doctor-like approach, as if they are perscribing some life saving medication...and therefore you only have yourself to blame if you don't reach your full potential of fabulousness... and die.

Mike - Thanks for the freak out.
Actually, I was already freaking out, so don't worry. Waiting to here back from the doc as we speak.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

And you don't have a regular doctor yet because.....?

Any word yet? Hey, when you get down for your shower, go a day early and see someone you feel comfortable with...

amy. said...

Jeez Louise. Between the 2 of us we're falling apart, lol. Screw the knitting blog, we can start a blog of shingles, clots, bald patches and nose cancer. Whoopie! Make sure you keep us in the loop.

KL said...

UPDATE: Just got back from the Doctor and they think it may be nothing, or it may be something! Whew, I'm glad they cleared that up. So to be on the safe side, they perscribed me some antibiotics. She said that if I don't see improvement in 24 hours she won't let me fly out to the shower! She actually used the term "life threatening". Oh, my mom will have a melt down. Everyone pray to the gods of little orange pills that they make painful leg lumps get smaller.

Amy - I KNOW!! I told the doc I felt like a high maintenance patient...she said she expects me in next week with a yeast infection because of the antibiotics...ha ha ha. Boy is that funny. What a card.

(actually, it was funny, I love her)

Who has nose cancer! I hope not you...or is it me? or someone else? You probably told me, but my brain no longer holds information.

Yo diddy - wish I could hang with you. I'll get a doc soon, but baby has been driving this bus for a while.

amy. said...

Knitting Projects for the Waiting Room actually has a ring to it...

I hope it is nothing rather than something. I had a tiny something sent to the shower, but it isn't your real present. Your real present isn't ready yet. And I have another little something I was going to send, but my lazy ass didn't get to the PO in time. Did you get the tiny dipes? Are they cute?

nacho said...

No, I didn't get anything...did you send to the PO box? I hope so, I haven't been there in a week or so...I'm a slacker. If you sent them to the house, um, that would be bad, because I don't have them. I will go to PO Box immediately!

Knit ON crazy mama! thanks for all your finger numbing work. My boy will be the envy of Gymboree!

Sorry to read about your schnoz...I hope that it is also nothing rather than something. :0)

amy. said...

Yup, I sent them to the PO Box. And nothing I sent is knit, lol. My fingers are being numbed by a huge pile of custom work, and I think I am going to close for a few weeks as soon as I catch up so I can knit some fun stuff! The thing I sent to the shower is actually more for J, since I figured he was feeling pretty left out of the baby gear craze ;)

Mrs. T said...

What's the status today Nacho? How ya feelin?