Friday, August 11, 2006


Well everyone can relax. And by everyone, I mean my mom, and by extension myself, because when mama's not happy, nobody's happy. The lump is smaller!

The doctor told me that if it wasn't better in 24 hours, she didn't want me to travel. After 24 hours it wasn't, so I called my mom and her head exploded with thoughts of wasted cheese platters and mamosas. I told her it looked the same, though I must admit, it even looked a little worse. Baby shower attendance was shoty at best. But the doctor told me to call her Friday morning, which is technically 36 hours. So cursing my immune system, I popped another antibiotic and did a little "Shrink the Thing in my Leg Dance" and went to bed. And it's a Baby Shower miracle! Praised Be the benefits of sleep and smelly orange pills! Oh, it's still there, and it still hurts, but at least when I called the doctor this morning and told her it was better, I wasn't lying.

So now I get to fly! Which seems like it may be just a stressful as staying home. At least the little guy isn't around yet, or I might have to do shots of breast milk in front of long lines of annoyed travelers.

All this drama gave me a reason to blow off my crappy temp job today. I started yestederday and it was a nightmare! I am whoring myself out for $10/hr to help with a "mass mailing." I figured this meant stuffing envelopes. Whatever, I'm not doing anything else, right? Well, it was more like packing and shipping. Boxes of books and brochures to be packaged up and Fed Exed all over the state. I was on my feet all day, and lifting shit. Not good. The lifting wasn't constant, and I could tell the supervisor was a little concerned. But when you have to move a box to get to something, you don't want call some 50 year old over-weight lady over to move it for you.

(This is my plea to not yell at me for lifting boxes....believe me, I wouldn't do anything to jeapordize the little guy, it just sucked and wore me out...they were like 25 pounds and small...please don't yell at me. I know. I know.)

It sucked. My feet hurt, my back hurt and all I wanted was to sit. On the way out I told the supervisor I had a developing medical situation that I had to deal with today, so I wouldn't be in. She was super cool about it. I told her that I would understand if she wanted to call the temp agency to get someone else, but she said I was so speedy, I did two days of work already. I'm supposed to work for 4 days . I plan to go back on Monday and Tuesday. We did all the big orders first, so by then it should just be filling large envelopes, while seated. And don't worry, I plan to call my temp agency and tell them that I will no longer take jobs that require me to stand all day long.

I still don't know what is up with my leg. Bug bite? Hope so, that would be easiest thing for my body to fight. Bruise, I definitely don't think so. The most likely culprit is a bacterial infection of some sort that either entered through a Shingles blister (nice) or through my swollen cracked pregnant feet (even better). Apparently, my immune system is not up to the task of fighting off much of anything. With a lack of alternatives

I've taken to washing my hands alot and not walking around the house barefoot. I'm sure these steps will be effective as I breathe in recycled air for an hour and a half.


amy. said...

WooHoo! I'm so glad to hear that it si doing better. I hope it continues to improve over the weekend and you get lots of cool gear!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

woo hoo! she can fly! she can fly! Let me know if my shower gift arrived or not, so I know if I need to crack some Fed Ex skulls.