Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bumpin the bump

Oh Saturday! Day of Football and today, of painting furniture. We found out last night that the VT game will be on Gameplan, and I think that's available on our Adelphia cable, so we should be able to root for the Hokies! Last year we had some complications because we had Comcast cable, and they pretty much were worthless. If I remember correctly it was Adelphia we had in Blacksburg. So...that means something, right? Ok, completely unrelated, but I gotta hitch my hope on something. I'm making The Phone Call in a few minutes.

I am counting the days down to when I won't have to work anymore (that would be 13). And more importantly, won't have to listen to Top 40 radio anymore. The girl in the cubicle behind me listens to Z100.5 or W98 or The Jam or whatever ALL DAY. At first, it's not so bad, it's nice to have a little music to distract you from the fact that you are doing the same thing over and over and over again. But then you realize the music is in the same rut. It's the same shit over and over and over. If I never hear that Frey song again....well, you get the idea.

I know these songs backwards and forwards by now. Well, sorta. See, she listens to it at a ridiculously low volume as to not bother anybody. Therefore, I can't quite make it all out. I mostly just get the bass and cymbals, and perhaps a lyric here or there...but usually just the chorus. Therefore, my brain fills in the gaps. It took me a week to find out that one of the songs they play constantly is actually by cutie patooty Justin Timberlake. I thought it was a chick. I saw the video yesterday morning and relized that high whiny voice was him. Oh Justin, loose the sound like Brittany. I've also made up my own words. I now know the name of the song is Sexy Back, but I can't tell you if or when anyone actually says that at some point in the song. I've been saying "come on, here we go" during that repetative part...doesn't say much for my imagination. Even when my brain gets a chance to fill in the blanks, it's boring.

Did I just write that much about a Justin Timberlake song? help.

Well, fall is upon us here in Northern Vermont. The maple trees outside our house are speckeled in yellow, though still mostly green. I would say in about 2 weeks it should be really pretty around here. I should celebrate my liberation from the cubicle by taking a nice long drive out into the mountains for a photo taking expedition! Only problem is my bladder won't really cooperate. I think 3 hours is it's limit...if I'm lucky.

Baby boy is squirmy. In a kind alien sort of way. He's stopped kicking and has begun a pushing and stretching, which is sorta freaky. But neat! But bizarre. He's probably poking at me to protest the impacts he's been feeling lately. Don't worry, not hard ones, but he is protruding much more and therefore, gets in the way. In the last two weeks he has been bumped by the bathroom stall door about 6 times. Oh, and the counter...I walk up to it, not realizing where my belly actually extends to and bump! oops. sorry little man. The most embarassing is standing up at my desk an not being aware half of my stomach is still under ergonomic keyboard holder. That one makes some noise. Which illicits questions of concerns from fellow cubby dwellers. No, I'm ok, I'm just bashing my baby into furniture.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Go Hokies!


amy. said...

Go Hokies! I hear the dulcet strains of the UM game from the other room. Kyle's folks are here, so there will be much football watching this weekend. I have been missing you, m'dear, even though I STILL haven't answered your email. I got it! I just suck. Sorry about that. I may actually *gasp* call you one of these days. Once you are home during the day again, I am all over it. Oh, and it is always better to bash the baby into furniture BEFORE it's born. Afterwards it is more strongly discouraged. Don't ask Henry about rolling off the couch at 6 weeks old. Baaaaaaaaad mommy. And also (and luckily) lazy mommy who left her pillow laying on the floor next to the couch from the early morning nursing marathon. Longest. Comment. Ever!

nacho said...

Hey, no problem on the email. Um, I didn't mail the patterns I promised you like I said (I will this week, I swear) so call us even:-)

amy. said...

Yay! We both suck equally!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I totally hear your pain on hearing the same music all day. I work at a freakin' RADIO STATION. Allllllll day long, I hear Sexy Back (I think it's "Go 'head, be gone with it..." in that one part) and (drumroll please) Brooke fucking Hogan's song. Torture.