Sunday, September 10, 2006

Oh my little blog, how I've missed writing to you. Especially during this time of change...I want things to be recorded so I can go back and read about what I thought and was going through. But work has been wearing me out and throw my folks visit on top, I haven't been feeling up to it. But, I dropped my mom off at the airport a little while ago and I am alone again. Just me, Tubbs and the little squirmy guy.

We had a really nice visit. My dad stayed through Tuesday, and my mom stayed on until today. We successfully bought a crib (which is waiting for J to go pick up) and some storage pieces for the nursery. My mother's grandama enthusiasm was channeled into 2 days of painting, so the nursery is nice and clean. I feel a little better knowing some things are done and out of the way. I still have a lot on the list, but most of the essentials are now covered. Just waiting for this work assignment to end so I can concentrate all my energy into preparations!

It's been so long, I'm sure there are things to talk about, but I can't seem to conjure anything up. I went to the Champlain Valley Fair. Eh. I pet a goat, looked at some bad art and ate the required blob of Fried Dough. Luckily we got out of there before Kenny Chesney appeared. Oh, we took a lunch cruise on the lake, which was nice. The weather wasn't perfect, but luckily it wasn't raining. My folks got a chance to see some of the pretty scenery around here.

God, this is boring. I know more interesting things are going on, but it's not on the tip of my brain. Well, I guess I'll be back to my Miami Ink Marathon. I have the remote set between that and the Supernanny Marathon. I struggle between the desire to watch people make permanent (and sometimes questionable) changes to their bodies and the proper implementation of a Naughty Mat. But first I must post at the Knitting Blog I have been neglecting...but only as much as my knitting. Oh, knitting, another reason why working sucks. Especially when you can't wear jeans, but can only wear flip-flops because your feet are so swollen you can't fit into your shoes. VERY PROFESSIONAL. And when you drop your pencil, you have to stand up and bend over to pick it up, because sitting and bending in no longer an option, unless you want to pop your baby.

Oh, I am officialy HUGE. I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and after measuring me she goes "Well, looks like we've had a little growth spurt!" At least it was in reference to my stomach, so maybe that 6 pounds I gained between visits isn't all on my ass like I thought. I am bumping into things more and I can no longer carry my laundry down the stairs. Well, maybe on my head, but if I carry it in front of me, the weight of the basket plus the weight of my protruding belly makes my center of gravity so far in front of me that I danger of tipping over. J will now have to be laundry carrying man. He'll be so excited when he gets back from San Diego.


P-Diddy in Sin City said...

aaldfjl;??? Supernanny marathon? WHICH STATION??? I swear, if she ran for Prez, I would vote for her and then I would nanny-nanny-boo-boo at Osama Bin Laden sitting on the Naughty Step while I put up my gold star on my chore poster.

Send me a pic of your largesse.

Bret said...

I know exactly how you feel. My blog has been neglected lately, too, which is a shame since I still have a lot to write about. One of these days we'll have more time!