Friday, September 01, 2006

Computers are (apparently) used for more than blogging...

I've become increasingly crabby lately. J can tell you. He's probably counting his blessings he won't be around next week while my Mom and I attempt to ready the nursery. 'Cause if I'm crabby now, just you wait until I've spent 4 days straight with Grandma.

My folks were supposed to arrive tonight, but with concerns of being blown off the runway by Ernesto, they changed their flight to tomorrow. That way, they can fly over Ernesto and land in Burlington just in time for him to arrive here! It sucks they may not get to really see the beauty of the place...when it gets grey and rainy the mountains are obscured and the lake looks much less inviting. But my mom is staying a whole week, so hopefully we'll get out and she'll get to appreciate my new town like I do.

I haven't been around, on the internet that is. I started my new job, which is going pretty well, but a sucky condition of it is that I'm not allowed on the internet...EVER. I think I might have mentioned this in a previous post...I'm not sure. I wouldn't know since I'm not allowed to come here, or anywhere. Really, it's killing me. Don't email me, unless you don't mind waiting a month for a response. Oh, and another thing! I can't wear jeans to work! Which normally would be ok, but since I have a very limited wardrobe, it's kinda a problem. Especially since the number of pants that fit seems to be dwindling by the week. Right now I have 3 pairs. But this will soon be 2. I might just wear my maternity jeans anyway and see if anyone says anything. Hey, I'm a temp, I don't drink your no-internet-surfing-no-jeans-but-fugly-Goucho-pants-are-ok-cubby-dwelling- Kool Aid!

Hopefully I won't go the remaining 4 weeks I have at the bank without posting, but I usually get my blog itch around 11am and I can't scratch it there...and I'm tired and numb when I get home.

So if I don't come around for a little, don't worry, I'm just busy processing Overdraft Protection Forms!


amy. said...

Phew. I'm glad to see you are still with us. I needed to call you the other day and now I can't remember why. *sigh*

Mrs. T said...

Welcome Back Nacho! All is well in the universe now that you are here. Please come back, soon.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I suggest a colorful mu-mu(sp?). Airy, room to move and subtly sexy as you keep them guessing as to what's going on under there.

Plus, who doesn't love to wear a mu-mu whilst processing overdrafts?
I mean, really.