Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dammit...I mean, Congrats!

This was another attempt at a post...and I expressed all my joyful wishes and thoughts about how far we've all come and funny stories about Bumperstickers, Nutty Russians on Crack, and people pretending to be asleep on couches so a girl can go meet her destiny...

I. am. So. Pissed.

I was loading pics and it was working fine. Then BAM! all gone.This picture appears to be the culprit...

That me and Jodi, Matt's lovely bride, sticking swords in our noses. When I try to load it, it goes, but manages to erase the rest of my post. And it's gone. Poof. Forever. You would think I would have saved it first, but NO, I'm an idiot.

And I am spent. I can't do it again. I feel horrible, but I'm worn out

But quick, because it's important....

Matt is awesome.

I'm glad J and Matt are friends.

I'm more glad that when I would find them locked in a parked car together after pulling a disappearing act at parties, they were only listening to music

and still fully clothed.

Jodi is awesome.

I'm glad Matt found her.

How often do find a girl willing to stick a sword up her nose?

I couldn't be more happy for both of them and their pack of black dog children.

I wish I was there to hug you.

J is there, so he better represent.

I wish you guys all the happiness and laughter the world can offer. I'm thrilled for you! I love you guys.

Yay Jodi and Matt!


Mrs. T said...

Great post Nacho - very sweet! Congrats Matt - enjoy every moment of your day and life together!

amy. said...

Yay Jodi and Matt! I hope you guys are having a great time. I also hope your bartender doesn't stay until 3 am doing kegstands and then pass out in the driveway like the one at the Nacho wedding...Congrats, guys.

Matt said...

Nacho. We missed you so much. It was simply amazing, and we fell in love all over again amidst incredible weather and *some* of the most beautiful people we know.

J was amazing. I'm happy that I can call him my closest friend. we wish you could have been there, but to be honest we're overjoyed about why you couldn't. We're already making plans for the trip.

We love you too. thanks for the beautiful words and photos. We'll get pictures to you soon.

PS - thanks Mrs T. and Amy! hope we can see you soon.

Love Matt and Jody

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Congrats Matt and Jody! Wish I could have been there. Have fun and get your butts to Vegas soon! Hmm, I smell a renewal of vows by Elvis!

nacho said...

Dammitt! Jody with a Y. I pride myself in trying to spell peoples names right, since no one ever spell mine right. blame J, I double checked his address book.

So sorry jodY!!

Yes, visit!! soon.