Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Go Team Fredward!

I got home today and read my post from this morning. I'm pretty sure that was my most poorly written post to date. I should proofread before I hit publish. Bah.

So this is a quick one, mostly to get that one to bump on down. Again, I am kinda on my way out. It is trivia night at RiRa. J and I go every week and are joined by a varying assortment of his coworkers. Last week we did the best yet, and tied for 4th! Not too shabby for a team of 4 up against think-tanks of 15. They really shoud put a limit on team membership...you get enough people together and someone will know the answer to any question. Hence, the same team wins every week.

They are called the Pithy Quips. How droll ( is that how you spell that? come to think of if it, is it Quips or Quipts? hm, I guess they are smarter than us...or at least better spellers). Anyway, they have a super annoying guy who always wears a suit and tie. I'm sure it's because he comes from work, but that doesn't make him any less of a douchbag. He is always the one who goes up for tie breakers and acts like an ass. So this week, we were thinking of signing up a fake team called "Lame Tie Guy." That way, when the first round answers are due, the MC will get on the mic and say "Lame Tie Guy, I need your answers...still waiting for answers from Lame Tie Guy."

It would be a hoot.

And Tubbs is next to me and just farted. Loud. I swear he did, really loud.
I love how he always looks at his butt afterwards like he's concerned.

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