Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nobody puts Tubby in the corner

"And the room has 2 double beds?" inquires Mrs. Coldwater Creek as she twists her string of pearls with french manicured fingers.

"No, um, 2 twin beds" Sara behind the front desk says with some concern. She has been checking in wedding guests all afternoon and this Long Island and Connecticut country club crowd seem impossible to please. " We do have a room with a Queen if you'd prefer."

"The girl on the phone said we would have two double beds," Coldwater whines giving her husband, Mr. LL Bean a sideways look.

"I apologize, but we have no rooms with two double beds available."

"So you gave it to someone else," she huffs. "Just perfect."

"Ma'am, we don't have any rooms with two double beds."

"Yes, I see." She snaps.

"No ma'am, I mean none of our rooms have two double beds...we don't offer that particular arrangement."

"Oh, well" the woman was clearly not expecting this particular scenario. "The twins will be fine then."

I had the inkling she was caught trying a little scam...reserve a room and then complain that you actually requested different accomodations, hoping to get bumped up free of charge. Not sure why, she looked like money wouldn't be an issue. But I would also assume a married couple would prefer to sleep in the same bed, so what do I know.

Well, after another delay of someone running up to the desk (even though pregnant lady is clearly next! HELLO?!) to complain about the lack of TV in her room I finally check in. I was a little wary. This crowd seemed awfully hoity-toity to me. I wasn't super comfortable and felt kinda out of place. Not that we were going to the wedding or had to hang out with them, it was just an atmosphere kinda thing. I looked around and saw the staff and suddenly felt like Baby from Dirty Dancing and was wondering where all the guys and gals carrying luggage and opening doors were hanging out later.

This resort was definitely from another era. The Dirty Dancing comparison isn't that far off. I'm sure it had its hayday in the 50's with New York socialites and industrial barons.

But this weekend it was J, me and Tubbs! Yep, even though it was kinda upscale, dogs were everywhere. Gotta love a place that lets the whole family come along. And we had a ball. It really wasn't as fancy as it first felt. Our little cottage was cute, complete with wood fireplace that smoked too much and no TV. That was probably the scariest part...sitting there realizing we were stuck for 3 nights with no TV. But of course, it was a blessing in disguise. It slowed us down and allowed us to just be. Everywhere you went, there's a place to sit and something pretty to look at.

Not a ton to do, but we kept busy playing dominos, eating and walking around. If it were summer and I wasn't a weeble-wobble we could have swam, kayaked, drank from an insanely long wine list and taken a cocktail cruise. They have a pretty extensive kids program which seemed cool, so we're thinking of maybe making a trip back in the future, though I don't think we could afford it in the high season.

I took a ton of pictures.

The first night, there was an amazing sunset...

The second night it got a little stormy, which made for a pretty cool sunset too...

Part of our room deal included golf, so I tagged along with J while he hit the links.

And of course, since it's Autumn in New England, the foliage was beautiful.

All in all, it was incredibly relaxing.

J and I got some quality alone time, probably the last of that for a while. We got to just enjoy each other and think about what big changes are on the horizon. And everyone got to catch up on some sleep...


Mrs. T said...

Wow Nach - looks like a beautiful and relaxing time - I am so glad the whole family got to take a break together. The last two pictures are my favorites!

Take care of yourself!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I'm so jealous. Will you send me more leaves? Remember the ones you brought to me in Vegas? I have them in a frame on my end table to remind me of autumm. Send more! :)
I'm glad you guys had a chance to take a breather after moving, temp jobs, big boobs and bellies, it was time for a break! Love and miss you...

nacho said...

You know it!...just hope they don't all get covered by snow before I can hunt for some good ones. Brrrrr.