Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bustin' at the seams

Ok, this kid is getting evicted. Not only am I HUGE (I know. I've been saying that for 9 months now, but now it's really, really true) but I got my first stretch marks! Crap. I've been counting my genetic blessings that I've avoided them, and if this kid had a sense of timing I would have escaped them altogether. I'm trying to look at them as badges of honor, and though I'd be happy to have none,mothers have been gladly sacrificing their bodies since the beginning of time, so I should stop my whining. I've got it pretty good. They aren't on my belly (yet) but on my hips, where I already have some from puberty.

Doctor checked me change. Not dialated, not even a smidge. I have a NST on Friday were they check to make sure baby is chillin' ok, that his sense of timing is better than theirs. In the end, he knows best. I might let them do a membrane sweeep on Monday if something doesn't happen over the weekend. That's when they kinda poke at your amniotic sac to stimulate hormones and hopefully get the ball rolling a little...I know you're jealous, sounds like fun, huh?

So, is my November baby destined to be a December baby? We shall see!

J and I both have a weird feeling about Saturday.


Mrs. T said...

December works. I am sure lil Michael Vick Jr. is just too cozy to come out right now. Hang in there mama.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

mmmmmmm. Membrane sweep! Another great band name!