Friday, December 01, 2006

All systems go. Did you hear me? GO!

The tests show that everything is just honky dory in there. Getting plenty of oxygen, enough water in the pool to splash around and, most importantly, his right ear is perfect!

During the fluid check ultrasound we asked for a pic, but since it's so crowded and his back is to the front of me this was the only recognizable body part he could capture. Definitely takes after his father, no?

So the next step is...well, what it's been for the last week. Wait. I have an appointment on Monday, but we're hoping in won't be needed. Contractions are still happening, but nothing mind blowing. I'm sure anyone out there who reads this is as anxious as we are, so maybe I'll shut up about it. Contractions that, cramping this, I'm huge, wah wah wah...

So, in other news? Hmmm.

The mice who live in our house will poop in the silverware drawer, where there is NO FOOD, but won't touch the cheese in the traps we set up. Damn if I can't hear them right now in the kitchen scurrying around! Little monsters. I never had a big problem with critters before, but I think since baby is coming I've taken a harder line on vermin pooping near my food. Sorry guys. Well, not yet since you're not smooshed. But I will be sorry...I think we'll both be sorry. Part of me hopes they realize how dangerous the neighborhood just got and move out. The same part of me that thinks that the Secret of Nihm is plausible.

Oh, and it's going to snow. Tonight and some tomorrow too. Perhaps babe just wanted to wait for it to be pretty and white to come into the world? Or he is diabolical, and is waiting until driving and flying conditions are at their most treacherous...


amy. said...

What a gorgeous ear!

I am going out for drink with the ladies tonight (woo!) so if ANYTHING happens this evening, call me on my cell. Or have J. call me on my cell. For reals.

Come out, Fredward!!!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

black and decker makes these plug-in things that sends out a high pitched sound that mice hate, but dogs can't hear. the mice then peace out to a less noisy home. you can get them at home depot for like, 8 bucks each and put one in each room.

Nachito! Obviously you have an ear, so can you hear me?? COME OUT AND SEEEEEEE US!