Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So, no change. Same ol' situation. She told me I should start thinking about it being 41 weeks so I don't drive myself crazy. I don't WANT it to take 41 weeks! **whiny voice and stamping feet**

A 41 week baby MUST be bigger than a 40 week baby. And I don't want that if I can help it, considering where he has to squeeze through. And I know for sure a 41 week pregnant butt will be bigger, and my butt is as about as big as I can stand. Come on kid...get a move on!

However, if you are a superstitious type, perhaps he will come on Saturday. J's dad had a collegue call him from a casino and ask him if he wanted to place a bet. He said put $10 on 25 at the roulette table since it's Fredwards due date...and it hit! Woo hoo! Not exactly scientific, but a girl can hope.

So it's just the waiting game around here. Looks like it will just be the two of us for turkey day. We are not inundated with turkey as I had feared we might. J forgot to sign up for the free turkey at work, so it's just the one bird. Still alot for two people, but lord knows I won't feel like cooking much after the kid shows up so the leftovers will be a blessing. And I made 2 pies! A pumpkin pie (which is already half gone) and a cherry pie that is waiting for Thursday in the fridge, yum! Of course none of this is going to help my butt situation, but let's just hope breastfeeding goes really well and the kid will just suck the fat off of me? It can happen, so I've heard. I've also heard not to count on it.

But then, there's always this


P-Diddy in Sin City said...

That's a 36-1 pay out! Fredward needs to come to Vegas and lay some bets with his Aunt Pam.

Just a few more days... you can do it! Besides, big babies are cute.

Katy said...

You could also look into this: http://www.pleasantonweekly.com/morgue/2001/2001_12_21.stroller21.html

i see those mamas in the park saturday mornings. they look buff!

Mrs. T said...

Would you totally laugh at me if you knew I have already looked into the stroller aerobic classes in my area?