Friday, November 17, 2006

Still here, still pregnant

I've been hiding out a bit around here. I'm not laying low just on the blog front, but my phone communications have been few and brief. I think it's because there is this big thing that will be happening and everything else just seems boring and not worth mentioning. Also, most of my recent experiences are best described with whining. And I don't want to whine too much. So to all my buds out there, sorry I haven't been in touch very often...soon I will have news. Very soon I hope.

Especially Mrs. T! I don't think I've mentioned it in a blog post, but Mrs. T is pregnant too!! She's going to be having a little girl in April and I am so excited we are going through this major life change at the same time. Though being a bit further ahead makes me feel a little remiss in my friend duties, as she deserves all the care and attention she blessed me with when it all began for me. Oh I can't wait for our kids to meet! I can imagine them great friends. That is until cootie age. Then they'll ignore each other, until about 13 or 14...then we'll HOPE they ignore each other.

Hey, Mrs. T! if you read this...I remember you asking about how to post a picture. What's the the story? Am I going to get to see a pic of this little girl or not?!

I can't let this blog post go without a little bit of a whine. I hurt. Every joint in my body hurts. I feel like I've been hit by a bus. The worst part is, I can do nothing. I just sit. I feel useless.

Ok, now on the upside! My turkey points didn't have to be used to buy a turkey! Figures since such a large portion of the population is vegetarian. It's just $20 off your bill. Yeah! So yesterday I got some pie fixins and stocked up on some other crap. During the process I realized I can no longer go to the store to shop. My pregnant "waddle" has turned into a pregnant "shuffle" since my joints hurt so much. I felt like I was using the shopping cart as a walker. I must have looked pretty pathetic...also REALLY pregnant. 3 people asked me when I was due...usually they don't. I think they were just trying to insure that my grimaces and groans weren't indications of labor. Ooops, I let that go back into the whining realm...sorry.

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! Today is my SIL bday. Yeah! You know what would be a GREAT present? A NEPHEW! I'll see what I can do.


Mrs. T said...

Thanks for the shout out Nacho. You know - you have been a fabulous resource - you have been quite the mentor with answering questions like, Are my boobs really suppose to hurt like this? And you excitedly called me to say that What Not to Wear - PREGNANCY edition was on. I don't want to get all mushy, but it really is awesome to share in this experience - with you and D ahead of me, it's kinda like asking my big sisters for advice.

I see some trips in our futures to the Outer Banks with kids in tow! We have a lot of cool stuff ahead of us!

Forwarding pictures of my daughter (I just love saying that) to you now!

Mrs. T said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! Have a great day and a rockin weekend.

amy. said...

Thanks mamas! I had a pretty low key day just hanging out with my boys. I am getting old and boring. A friend called and told me she had tickets to Joan Jett and wanted to watch Henry so we could go. I had to break it to her that I'd rather hang out in my jammies and watch Dexter on SHO On Demand, lol.

Congrats on a baby girl Mrs. T!

You think your boobs hurt now, wait until someone's been sucking on them for 3 hours straight, lol. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Kind of.

Oh Freeeeeedwaaaard. Come out and plaaaaaaaaay! I am on pins and needles over here waiting for the phone call. You could be in labor right. now. You can do it, Nacho! Breathe!

rocker said...

hey you. sorry I have been missing lately too. I hope you are doing well. Hang in there. I can't wait to hear the news. Goodluck with everything. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I think my boobs and uterus are vicariously hurting through you. That, or it's PMS. I can't wait to meet this little dude and will be needing pictures of him in his wee Vans.

nacho said...

Hey ladies! Still cookin', though last night was another night of contractions. I really was thinking it might be it. But then it stopped.

I have my last officially scheduled appointment today, so I'll update once I get home. I'm going to have them check me, so hopefully I will be a little dialated?

Oh, Hey rocker!! I've been thinking of you. Hope we can get together once the little guy arrives...

Matt said...

Hey K, we're rallying for you from the west side!

amy. said...

South side represent.

If you feel like chatting, give me a call when you get back from your appt. I will be attempting to wrangle this house into shape, so distractions are welcome.

rocker said...

Thinking about you too. Sending good vibes your way. I can't wait to get together again.