Friday, May 25, 2007

Before I unplug this thing...

What's up?!

It seems like ages since I've had a chance to sit down and type up a blog post! Lots of packing going on...that is when the Ding Dong isn't crying about his teeth, poor kid. I'll be so happy once they break through, then maybe he'll start sleeping better at night? Let's hope so. I am sooooo sleepy right now. But I have to get to the paint store so we can start priming tonight. I hate painting. But not as much as I hate moving. Yep, it's going to be a wonderful weekend.

I really don't have much right to complain. J has been hard at work removing layers upon layers of wallpaper from our soon-to-be bedroom. I feel bad about not being able to help, but someone has to watch Sam, and it's better that he not inhale bits of 20 year old wallpaper glue and the overwhelming fumes of fabric softner and vinegar. I wonder if that smelll will ever get out of the walls. People will always think we are doing laundry. Which, now that I think of it, we always are.

The big change is the removal of a wall in the front of the house. I only have a few pictures...this is before.

This is after J ripped down the wall...

It left quite the mess

Here's another before and after from another angle...

Since these pictures were taken, the studs have been removed, and the drywall and floor have been patched. All that's left is painting. Did I mention how I hate painting?

Enough of the whining about the move. We've had a few noteworthy happenings around here. Last weekend Sam went to his first concert! Dan Zane and Friends played at the local club on Sunday afternoon. It was packed with little rugrats and their parents.

I was happy to see that Sam wasn't the only wee babe there. But all the little people dancing made me wish he was a little older. But he was strapped to a dancing Daddy, so he still got to boogie...even if he was sleeping at the time.

Sam has become master of the raspberry. Yesterday at the grocery store he was really going to town. I found myself wanting to let other shoppers know not to worry...that it was his face, not his butt, making that noise...but I didn't. Hmm, I wonder if the vibrations provide some pain relief?
Perhaps not, but the hand seems to do the trick when it's not too bad.

Oh, and he's found his feet.

Which I've always suspected were quite yummy.

That's about it. J's folks are coming up to help with the effort, which is awesome. Which means I have to launder the sheets in the guest room, which is not awesome. But I am extremely thankful for the help. The place is quite the disaster. I find it hard to believe that we will actually pull this move off in the alotted time. I think if I can keep J and his Dad from going on a 5 hour boondoggle to Home Depot we might just pull it off...but what are the chances of that?

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amy. said...

...slim to none, my friend...slim to none.

I can't wait until we come up and see you guys! Henry is already talking about all the playing he and Sam are going to do ;)