Thursday, May 31, 2007

Waiting to Clean...

I am sitting amongst boxes.. watching the National Spellilng Bee. LIVE. Thrilling. We finally get our cable hooked up and this is what I watch? There is only about 8 kids left. Only one girl. She has a boatload of bracelets on her left arm. Some sort of superstition. Apparently the Gods of Spelling appreciate someone who knows how to accessorize...or she feels lopsided or something. I've noticed she does a funny thing with her mouth whenever she pronounces an 'S'. Like she used to have a lisp, but went to speech therapy to get it fixed. It reminds me of someone...someone famous or on TV. Crap, I can't place it. I'll have to wait until she comes back up and maybe it will hit me.

J is out doing one of the final runs from our old pad to the new house. There is crap EVERYWHERE. It's 9:30 and Sam is sleeping. Once J is done, I'm going to feed Sam and then head over to the old house and do the clean. Fun. That's why I'm sitting here typing and watching the Spelling Bee. There is a pretty good chance I'm going to be up till after midnight smelling of Fantastic and FeBreeze, so I'm not spending the next hour unpacking.

Oh, here she comes!

Scienophician? That's what I heard. It's a "Blue Green Algae"? Hmm, who knew?

oops. Cyanophycean. Not even close.

They show you how it's spelled before they even try, they didn't used to do that...oh, crap...she put a T in it. T? I didn't even put a T in it.

Oh well, looks like a dude will win.

By the way, all these 13 year old boys seem very efeminite (I'm sure that's not spelled right... DING!) to me. It could be because it's that awkward age, some voices have changed, others still talk like their 9 year old sister. Most of them seem like really ugly girls with bad haircuts. Sorry, I'm tired and cranky.

They list hobbies under their names. There is a high incidence of chess enthusiasts among those who can spell....competatively that is. I am painfully aware of how I can't, at all. I can play chess, but I would never list it as a hobby. I guess I'm not spelling bee material

Wait! There's a Canadian?! What? National Spelling Bee my ass. OK, The Canuck has to spell VITULINE...He's thinking. Man, he's rocking some bangs. Damn he's taking forever. Oh, there's a beep...yeah, hurry the fuck up! here he goes. Got it.

Oh, it's down to two. The Canadian and an American. How exciting! It's like Rocky! Kinda?

Oh, here's the American., spelled it fast. Some sort of pasta. Way to go!

Bang boy...He's from Alberta. Damn...spelled his word. Fast tooll

This is getting good! USA!USA! Crap...commercial.

Hey, they are pre-empting Gray's Anatomy for this. I bet there are some pissed off people right now.

EVAN...he's the American. Here we go! Some sort of Japanese Soup? YOSENABE. He's he goes! Got it. You go Evan.

The Canadian got some sort of desease. To spell, not know. OOOOHHHH, he got it wrong!

Ok, Evan has to get this one right to win...

SERRAFINE. Oh, he's smiling. He must know it. Spelling...He wins!

Take that Canada.

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