Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More evidence that being an asshole gets you what you want.

To deviate from my usual subject matter (DING DONG!), I would like to express my utter annoyance and disappointment with the outcome of Big Brother last night.

SPOILER ALERT! for any of you DVR/Tivo people...

I will be the first to admit that TV, Reality TV in general and perhaps Big Brother in particular, is not the most enriching way to spend ones time. But I like me some crap. And it will probably all go by the wayside as Sam gets older. But for now, he is tucked snuggly in bed while the debauchery plays out, so I will endulge my need for manufactured, semi-real, in no way representative of actual life, drama.

Last night Dick won Big Brother. And Dick is...well, a Dick. Now many people may argue that his Dickness was strategy. That it is what let him win the game. Now, I understand that these shows are, in their basest form, just a game. And I am the first one to get annoyed at players who take things personally as people get voted out or alliances shift. However, Dick was not just lying or manipulating game aspects. He was calling people names, making fun of other players religions, backgrounds and physical appearance. And it was obvious, OBVIOUS, this was not always in the realm of "game." He was intimidating because he IS intimidating. That appears to be the way he deals with people. He is the kind of person I don't tolerate. And now, he is judged to be the winner...once again reinforcing that in our selfish, get-what's-yours society, that the end justifies the means...

I am disgusted.

Survivor on Thursday. Yippee!
(I am waiting to pass judgement on "Chicken." I know he is from Virginia. CBS has regularly picked some questionable contestants from my home state (um, Johnny Fairplay...ugh) and if I am to stereotype people with names like "Chicken" this guy might just be another reinforcement of southern stereotypes. I hope I'm wrong...)

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