Monday, January 28, 2008

momentary lapse of patience

Sam and I had a good day yesterday. And it's made me realize that what we really need to do is just get out of the house more. When we hang out here all day, day after day, I get bored. And he gets board. And neither one of us appreciates the things that we do to combat our boredom. For me, that would be reading or tinkering around on the internet, neither which Sam has more than a 30 second tolerance for. And for Sam, playing lets tip over the coffee table over and over and over and over.

Oh, we do plenty of more interactive things. I read to him, we build with blocks, we even tried coloring (FYI, he is not yet ready for that. Unless they have revised the food pyramid to include Crayons). But sitting in the family room putting on the "I'm so excited" face and voice for two or three hours straight, is completely mentally draining. "That's not MY Dinosaur!" I say with saccharine laced enthusiasm. The same demeanor I fine so annoying about children's the least the shows that include actual adults. It's fake, or at least becomes fake after the first hour or so. I am not that person. At least not indefinitely. I can be that person genuinely for a while, but really, it makes me lose my marbles (and my good humor) eventually.

So I am now resolved to vacate the abode at least once a day.

Wait, I amend that to only the days that the temperature rises above 20 degrees. I'll play tip over the coffee table while declaring that is not my robot, or puppy or whatever gladly over the prospect of the bundling ritual required to go out with an infant in that sort of weather.

So, it's 22 degrees. I guess that means I better get dressed. When Sam wakes up, we're outta here!

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Motormouth said...

Do you have a Family Center nearby? When Lex was little we went to the Easthampton and Amherst Family Centers and had fun (and snacks!). It's nice to have a change of scenery and play with someone else's toys.

Yeah, this has been the longest Northeast winter on record, hasn't it?